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Whats giant and next to the air port?

Hmm as we locals call it MOA AKA the Mall of America. I rarely go out there because it’s so┬ábusy and there are way to many people filming their shopping day. I just don’t want to end up on some ones vacation video. With that being said it was cold outside and well I wanted … Continue reading

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Womans Expo in Minneapolis

I didn’t have anything to do last Saturday but get the oil changed in the Prius and I had some free tickets to the Healthy life expo. Once Sherri and I arrived at the Minneapolis Events and Convention center we noticed signs for The Womans Expo and thought that it would be cooler than the … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

I will take everything please! White chocolate is the best! Taking a break from shopping with my favorite little! #ThanksGiving :) Mac & Cheese! #ThanksGiving Twice baked potatoes! #ThanksGiving Word to the wise! Deleting your history and cookies isn't going to help you get on the nice list

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