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Living and thriving on my own

For the first time in my 27 years on this planet I am on my own. I don’t count living in a dorm or having a bed in a sorority house as living on my own. I’ve always had someone whether it be my x husband or my parents looking out for me, making sure … Continue reading

Coffee and Day old rolls

Reservation bound, past the paved roads, the casino and power plant lies the heart of the rez. The roads are still sand, the houses are nothing but tar paper shakes, and this is where Dot lives. Dot doesn’t have a phone, never has and never will, she says why do I need a white mans … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Dinner! Giving The Meet Market a whirl! Working on finding the right fit of clothing! Getting ready for the Hearts of Fashion show! #GoRedMN Getting fitted for the Hearts of Fashion show! @Macy's #GoRedMN #GoRedMN National Wear Red Day Selfie @thepioneerwoman it's tomato soup weather! Thanks for designing such perfect bowls! I can appreciate a well designed bowl! No need to adjust your eyes, the cats really are eating on the table

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