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I’m moving on

When I came home a big envelope was waiting for me. My eyes drew quickly to the seal, it was from my lawyer. I knew what this envelope held. It held my freedom, it was legal now, I was no longer your wife. I admit I cried a little as I ran my fingers crossed … Continue reading


I realize that I have done more in 28 years of life than most people will ever do in 100 years of living. From time to time I like to go through my photos to refresh my mind about the journey I am taking and that it truly is worth living. How many people besides … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

I want what's in your bowl. I know you have a spoonful with my name on it in that bowl. Now gives it to me Can I help you? No I am not a martini on the rocks. Sleepy un-Muppet like dog #TcGORed I found myself waiting for the bus at Hennepin and 25th :) Someone slipped a little religion under my door........ The un-Muppet like dog is still sporting his cone!!!!

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