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What Women Never Talk About

I know I’ve mentioned it in passing on my blog that I had a miscarriage in May. Today I was invited to speak to a pregnancy loss support group that was for both moms and dads. It was hard, it took everything in me just to get up in front of them. I knew that … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Hello new toy! Welcome to uptown, we are going to get along great! @julepmaven was this what the name your own polish contest was intended for? $9 is high for shipping and she stands to make a nice profit. @mysteryofdex, your @notsoapradio product is cracking me up! Gosh darn I love this brand! @notsoapradio is the bomb.com! Love love this product I love love @notsoapradio's snarky packaging! There labels make me LOL every time! You have to try this brand! Like for realizes That's a whole lotta healthy! I'm a smooth operator!

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