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{Blogcation} Taking A Break From The Blogging World

After much thought. It is difficult for me to announce that HaveBearWillTravel.com is going on a little vacation. Life is busy. As in I barely see the muppet busy. Yet a good type of busy that makes your heart sing because you know deep down you are making the world better. That is my whole … Continue reading

{Revelation} Your Destination Is On Your Right

I snuggled into a bed that wasn’t mine. Time Square was a blaze outside my window and I had realized something. I realized that I am exactly where I should be in life. I didn’t get what I wanted. I got what I needed. For the past 5 years I dwelled on the fact that … Continue reading

The Best NINJAS Hang Out With God {Remembering Adam Lavasseur}

Life is a journey worth taking and a dream worth dreaming. One thing I know is that today is for sure and tomorrow is uncertain. None of us know when our name with be called in heaven and when our last moment will be. Early this morning I got word that I lost a very … Continue reading

HTC EVO ~ Ninja BFF Date ~ Ninja Antics and Smaller Pants

It is well-known that I have a long-standing relationship with my blackberry. Blackberry just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. His keys were getting stuck, the sound went, and shit the dang thing froze all of the time. The curb is where it needed to go. After doing some research and getting advice from my … Continue reading

{Judgement} – Open The Book For Once!

“Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover. It’s The Story Inside That Counts.” We live in a day and age where people continue to pass judgement upon one another. You think by now we would have all of our social issues worked out and that we wouldn’t need to treat people like crap. Yet as … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Yup! I may not celebrate it, but damn I bake like a boss! Cully is way to excited about T-Rex Pajamas!!!! #PeachesandPetals if you ask me white is not a fall color. Most of the items in the November box can be purchased at your local dollar store or Dollar Tree. One would think the box would have a fall theme, instead it looks like someone went nuts in the dollar store and grabbed whatever was in their sight line because it was a dollar! #peachesandpetals November 2015 box first look. Haha jokes on them, they can't stop me Ha! I still got a box! #peachesandpetals you can't stop this girl!!! The Incredible Potato Hulk is coming to a cubical in US Bank Plaza near you!'

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