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{Hearts} On 22

I am so proud to be bringing you this feature every month. Hearts on 22 is well as you can guess very close to my heart. This is my way of helping you live the best life you can. I am a firm believer in living life with your heart wide open and taking care … Continue reading

{Guest Blog} Losing My Brother…..Discovering His Best Friend

Guest Blog Charlie is an Associate Attorney at a firm in NYC and was the twin brother to my Best friend Connor. I really did not know Charlie before Connor’s death, as he was always in NYC working. Connors Death brought pain into our lives and out of that pain a friendship was born. I … Continue reading

Table For One

Tonight while having dinner alone at The News Room I over heard a woman say to her husband “Oh that poor thing her date must have stood her up.” It took everything I had in me not to go over and whisper in her ear “I am eating alone on purpose.” I decided to play … Continue reading

{Biloxi} Ninjas Take Heart

Below is the speech that I recently gave at a gala that was held at Harra’s New Orleans. How many of you know what a Ninja is? I am not talking about the ones that throw kicks and chops. However I am speaking about the one that lies with in your soul. You know that … Continue reading

{Reflection} From a Bed That Isn’t Mine

I am nestled into a bed that isn’t mine tonight and my dress, well I hope it shows up. If you had told me a year ago I’d be in Biloxi spreading the message of hope, strength, and compassion I would have just laughed. Here I am and I wouldn’t trade this weekend for the … Continue reading

{Paralegal} Putting Long Hours Into Perspective

A few weeks ago I claimed that the blog or more so the blogger was going on vacation for a while. Well don’t hold your breath folks, I’m back. Well posts will be sporadic for a while. Life is still busy and I am currently getting over the fail whale virus. For the past month … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Sides! Sides! AJ knows how to bring the turkey to the yard! That's magazine worthy tooth there! Yup! I may not celebrate it, but damn I bake like a boss! Cully is way to excited about T-Rex Pajamas!!!! #PeachesandPetals if you ask me white is not a fall color. Most of the items in the November box can be purchased at your local dollar store or Dollar Tree. One would think the box would have a fall theme, instead it looks like someone went nuts in the dollar store and grabbed whatever was in their sight line because it was a dollar! #peachesandpetals November 2015 box first look. Haha jokes on them, they can't stop me

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