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{Sophia} Little Ninja

Words cannot begin to describe how proud I am to be Sophia’s Aunt. Sophia is the sweetest little ninja and she all ready has me wrapped around her finger. Soon she will be using her kung fu skills to take over the world. For now she is thinking and taking it all in. After Ben’s … Continue reading

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{Dear Sophia} A Letter to My Niece

Dear Sophia, Rumor on the street is that you are coming tomorrow. That means your birthday will be on January 26th. I think that’s a mighty fine day for my niece to be born. Sophia you are being born into a legacy of strong women and a blood line that is grounded in the tradition … Continue reading

Facing My Shadow In The Sun

Everyone comes to a point in their life where they are standing in the middle of a four-way. Do you go forward, turn to the right, turn to the left, or do you turn around and go back the way you came. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose. Whats matters is that YOU faced … Continue reading

{Hope} For A Better Day

Over the past few weeks I have been the rock in which the sea of kindness crashes upon. Its waves have wrapped themselves around me and I have never been more greatful. Because of you I will conquer this crazy disease or what ever the Doctors are calling it now. Your tweets, texts, phone calls, … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Umm do you has sausage mom? I like sausage! Can I has some sausage? Sausage is for muppets not moms My blanket! Go get your own human! Breakfast Pizza for a lazy Sunday Morning! Mama is dating again! These dates are cutting into my sleep on the human time! You know you've got one too! Christmas villages are addicting! I am rebuilding mine! Target is just to much for the little ones!

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