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{Child Loss} With Time the Heart Heals

It’s funny how time soothes our souls and slowly heals our wounds. I all most didn’t realize what today marked. A day that I would never forget. It was a day that women long for. I remember standing in my bathroom watching the hour-glass spin on the EPT. Part of me had hope and part … Continue reading

{Broken Vacuum} Tears and Absurd Laughter

Last Friday night I looked down at my floor and thought “My God this carpet looks gross and needs to be vacuumed sooner than later.” My vacuum has been failing me for a while and I knew something had to be done to fix the thing. I am incredibly smart but extremely unhandy. AmandaJean and … Continue reading

{Super Sophs} She Has My Heart

Babies are God’s way of letting us know he still has faith in the human race. Faith that each child is a fresh start and a chance to change the world. I have no doubt that Sophs will change this world one day. Not every little girl gets to have an Auntie who steps up … Continue reading

{Divorce} Learning That I Matter

Divorce taught me that I have the right to be picky and not to jump at the first man that walks through the door. It taught me that I matter and that some day I will find a man who realizes that I am worth it. I learned to hold out and not to give … Continue reading

Our Lives End Up In Boxes………….

We spend our whole lives trying to step outside of the box. Yet when our life is over we end up in the very thing we’ve been avoiding. Our bodies and our things end up inside that very box. I spent the better part of my week down at the Ivy packing up and cataloging … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Yup, leave it to me to put olive oil in the fridge........ Cause that's totally where it goes people :/ If I stare hard enough mom will give me her tasty samwich Oh no! Who let this inferior ball into my apartment! Ninjas don't do Allina! Allina almost killed ninja Mama and I has a secret! Yous will know it soon enough. Hehehe she's keeping this one under wraps! @ipsy  may 2015 @ipsy  May 2015

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