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{Ipsy} Beauty Schooled

“Learn the rules, so that you can break them. This month, you’ll discover that you’ll never stop learning – especially, when it comes to the world of beauty. With everything from styling skills, application techniques, to channeling your inner confidence and uniqueness… With the help of ipsy and your August Glam Bag, you’re about to … Continue reading

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{BirchBox) for CEW – Mass Appeal Box 2014

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your drugstore’s beauty aisle offerings, here’s something to help you cut through the clutter: the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards. Dubbed “the Oscars of the beauty world,” this annual event gathers over 6,000 industry pros to vote on the year’s best and brightest products. Every all-star … Continue reading

{PERSPECTIVE} 10 Years of Have Bear Will Travel

Ten years ago today I boarded a plane with 67 strangers bound for Glasgow Scotland. The only thing I knew was “I’m going to Scotland and will live in a palace.” Everything else was left up to fate. That trip lead me to start havebearwilltravel.com. It was my attempt to stay connected to friends and … Continue reading

{BirchBox} The EveryGirl Box

“Between low starting salaries and skyrocketing rent, there is rarely extra cash in our bank accounts to treat ourselves to the finer things. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to forgo treating ourselves to life’s little luxuries. That’s why The EveryGirl has teamed up with BirchBox to create a special collection of affordable beauty essentials.” … Continue reading

{Ipsy} Sensationally Sun Kissed

Here comes the sun and a Glam Bag full of beauty products so good that even the sun would worship it. There isn’t a gray cloud in sight this summer as we give you an amazing selection of brands and products fit to help keep you looking your best during summer’s brightest days and warm … Continue reading

{BirchBox} POWER UP

BirchBox teamed up with Women’s Health Magazine to bring us July’s Power Up box. There aim was to amp up our summer, starting with your beauty stash. Get ready to discover products that will boost your routine—and your confidence too. Every box came with a mini magazine of 12 bite-sized challenges to inspire us to … Continue reading

{BirchBox & Ipsy} Girls Be Bitchin

As you know I love a good subscription box or bag, hell I like any mail that isn’t demanding payment from me. For me BirchBox and Ipsy allow me to explore the beauty market place and try new things before I hunk down a chunk of cash for the full-sized product. How often do you … Continue reading

{Women’s Health} Birth Control: Heroine or Foe?

All we are hearing about is the positive stories. About how birth control has revolutionized and changed the lives of women. What about the other side of the coin? Is it really as great as they claim? Is it really a miracle pill? An article published in Women’s Health magazine states that there are 7 … Continue reading

{playbuzz.com} What Is Your Native American Name?

After a long day at work and a heated online argument over today’s Supreme Court ruling, I got off the bus a little irritated and wanted nothing more than to relax with my dog. I quickly popped onto Facebook to see what was up, only to find myself angered. Someone actually created an online quiz/game … Continue reading

{Ipsy} Pretty In Paradise – June 2014

“Warm white sandy beaches or a café under a star filled night sky, being pretty in YOUR paradise is only a Glam Bag away. We picked products that are excellent for an extravagant getaway or a quintessential kit for a quick trip for some peace and quiet. What paradise is on your bucket list?” Pretty … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

I am in love @birchbox thanks for including Not Soap Radio in the Everygirl box! I am in love with this brand! Ruby thinks my bath tub is a giant doggy water bowl. Silly IOWA rescue dog Guess my tub will be super clean Ruby in the city What are you doing human? Can I helps? You need my helps, let me helps! I fall in love every time I get a new bunch. :)

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