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Who am I?

   I am a wife, a paralegal, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend or your worst enemy if you cross me.  I am the daughter of the first female dump truck driver in MN, the daughter of an Irish Ojibway Indian. I am strong, weak, silly, kind, and driven. I believe in spirits, … Continue reading

A new blog for the new year

You may notice all of my posts are from January 2, 2010. I just moved all of my  posts over from my old blog. It feels good to have it all moved over, all of my memories and travels in one little place on the big old web!

Good Bye 2009! You were a good year

I can honestly say that 2009 was the most crazy and stressful yet exciting year I’ve had in a long time. I learned allot about marriage, finished my second degree and managed to travel along the way too! I am glad to be done with school for a while and happy with my decision to … Continue reading

Someone asked me the other day…….

Someone asked me the other day……. Bear why did you give up Law School? My reply was this…………………. I had my life planned out to a T. Graduate college at 23 go to law school graduate at 26, find a great job, buy a house and get married. That was the course I set my … Continue reading

Spent the Morning in the E.R. 12/29/09

Oye this just isn’t my year season or whatever will call it. I was having chest pain over the weekend and it went away. I was feelin down on Monday and the pain came back than went away. It came back this morning and I was havin trouble breathing so Allina told me to get … Continue reading

Life with PE

Its been two months since the day I drove myself to the hospital. I am not 100% but I am getting there little by little. I am taking it day by day. Some days I’m really tired others I am great. I am thankful for my husband who has picked up my slack around the … Continue reading

NinjaInTheCity Life in Photos

Keeping mama's spot warm! The un-Muppet like dog sleeps in uptown tonight While mama isn't looking I drink out of her cup! She will never know I bring my own reading materials. Shhh Ise hidin. Mama has no clues where I is! Ise bonded with my cone. It comforts me, so Ise sits next to its

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