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Another year closes. Another candle added to the cake.

It’s funny I was so excited for my 27th birthday. I had waited 27 long years to have a golden birthday. I had planned the perfect party and was overwhelmed with what I thought was the perfect life. That’s right the perfect life that came crashing down on October 22, 2009. I almost died 5 … Continue reading

One chapter ends……a new one is left to be written.

The air is cool and crisp in my tiny uptown apartment, I shiver a little as I put my feet on the floor. Rubbing cullen’s fuzzy little head, grabbing my phone I look at the date it’s October 22nd, 2010. I grab the bottle of baby aspirin, pop one and chase it down with water, … Continue reading

Just a stone along the path

Bless the broken road that lead me to you. You are just a stepping stone along my path, I’ve pocketed the lessons, and tucked away the memories of you. My mom was right she told me not to marry a man that would throw away my dreams and stash me at the bottom of the … Continue reading


In ten days it will mark one year since my pulmonary embolism, the journey is almost over. October 22 2009 marked the beginning of the worst yet one of the best years of my life. It’s funny when we are young we think we are invincible, that we are going to live forever and never … Continue reading

Loneliness closes in like the darkness over takes a room

There are days where I long to hear the laughter of a child and the crazy barking of my three amazing dogs. Days where I wish I would step on a Lego trip over a transformer all while yelling at Nylan to clean his room or eat his dinner. Days where I miss coming home … Continue reading


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