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Ninjas lets all say it together “Hydroponics.” I first learned about hydroponics in my high school horticulture 101 class. It was me and a bunch of zit faced awkward teenage boys in that class. But, that is where my nerdiness showed for sustainable agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota and that … Continue reading

It Ended At The Opera

When I met the Irs Man out side of the Ordway, his face didn’t light up nor did he great me warmly, he stood there tense. Anger came out at passing cars as we stood on the corner and dinner did nothing to melt the worried look in his eyes. I knew during the second … Continue reading

Man At The Bar

A wise old Indian named Grandpa Bob once told me this story. It is one that I cherish to this day and keeps his memory alive for me. He said to me one day through his coke bottle glasses. “AmandaJean at the end of our lives we are all sitting at the bar drinking a … Continue reading

18 Months

It didn’t dawn on me what today was until I peeled off April 21 from my Wizard of Oz desk calendar. I stared at the number 22 for a moment, shrugged and grumbled to a coworker about needing more sleep. I knew it was Earth Day and that, thank God it was Friday. Then I … Continue reading

A Night at the MN Opera

Wuthering Heights Minnesota Opera presents “Wuthering Heights,” the opera based on Emily Brontë’s novel, is now showing at the Ordway through April 23rd (tomorrow). Wuthering Heights did not disappoint. It is one of the few operas sung in english and the score invokes deep-rooted passion, misery, and the heart wrenching pang of lust. A lust … Continue reading

The Three Fs

The three Fs help me through every situation and make life worth living. What are they you ask? Its simple: Faith, Family and Friends. FAITH I was raised in a primarily Lutheran/Catholic town, with a sprinkle of Methodist. I was part of the sprinkles. At a young age I learned what God was and how … Continue reading

Infertility = A Broken Dream with Options

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had this feeling that I would never have my own children. As a little girl I was obsessed with cabbage patch kids and pound puppies because you could adopt them. After my miscarriage my cycle never returned to normal. In which the doctors told me that it was … Continue reading

Uncharted Plans

Planning is one thing I am good at. I can plan my life out right down to the finest detail. Yet, nothing I do ever goes according to plan. I’ve learned over the years that plans are meant to be broken. That if you plan out every detail of your life, you lose your sense … Continue reading

The Other Shoe Dropped

I’ve come to know in my 28 years on this planet that life never goes smoothly. Just when things are falling into place and the feelings of normal set in. A curve ball comes crashing through. One day I am perfectly fine and dandy. The next it can be turbulent and filled with the unknown. … Continue reading


It’s hard to remember a time where I didn’t text, tweet, or Facebook the moments of my life. Maybe as humans we are a little to connected. So connected in fact that we no longer have the ability to miss someone because they are always at our finger tips. I’m not gonna lie I use … Continue reading


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