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Hurt: Hard Liquor and Connect Four

Charlie tells me hard liquor fixes everything. That is if it is drank while playing a board game. Its funny his brother said the exact same thing about liquor and marshmallows. Liquor and marshmallows fixed my sorority girl problems when followed by a dose of manly advice. Advice that seemed to flow into one ear … Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day Pete

I am so thankful to be able to celebrate fathers day with Pete. It’s hard for me to think that my pillar of strength was almost taken away from me 10 years ago. This man isn’t just my father, Pete is a late night therapist, a cheer leader, and mostly he is my best friend. … Continue reading

Standing On The Other Side Of Divorce

June 27th will mark 1 year since I left my x husband. Wow, really wow one year is almost here. I remember the day I left and how broken I was. The woman that pulled the prius out of the drive on Brighton trail, isn’t the woman I know today. Honestly I was never happy … Continue reading

Strength In A Bottle

There are days I wish I could head to Target and ask the pharmacist “Do you have strength in a bottle?” Imagine the blank stare I’d get from the pharmacist. Trust me I’ve searched and a bottle of Strength isn’t in the vitamin isle nor is it in the beverage isle. Strength is something we … Continue reading

Birthday In Heaven

They say that time heals the heart. Hearts are so easily broken, yet so hard to repair. Today is June 2nd. Today I should be chatting away with Connor and telling him “Woot! Your 40 ninja, yo are so over the hill!” Yet, today nothing like that occurred. My new job has been keeping me … Continue reading


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