I met Nylan when he was 16 months old, his chubby cheeks and bright eyes captured my heart. At that moment I knew I was destined to be in his life. I Raised Nylan for 5 years, five years filled with laughter, smiles, and adventure.

Nylan will always be my first child. I was 22 when I stepped up to the plate and took on the duties of a Step Parent. For me I saw no difference, when I look into his eyes I see my child, my flesh looking back at me. He is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me and my love even thou I am divorced continues. I am the step parent who didn’t walk away from the child they raised. Instead I stepped up to the plate and on Saturdays you will find me with Nylan making memories to last us a life time.


Know that no matter where you go in this world my love will always follow you. It extends to the clouds of heaven, to the jungles of the pacific, and to the Texas plains. Every plane ticket, every tear, every mile was worth it to see you smile. The five years I spent with you were not a waste, I gave up my dreams to stand by your side and hold your hand.

Your father has the photos from all of our crazy adventures, my hope is that you will look back on them one day and they will bring you comfort. I’ll never forget how you would walk through Target with a Star Wars Clone Wars Storm Trooper helmet on your head, just the thought brings giggles to my heart. Or how any thing and every thing was a sword, a pirate ship and the maps that you drew. How we would make deals that if you helped me at the store for one minute, you could go home and play WII. Those days, those moments I spent with you were the brightest days.

My wish for you

Nylan, remember that deep inside lies a hidden Ninja, when you don’t think you can go on slip on your suit and let your Kung Fu fly. Know that you are worth it and that you will always matter in this world. I hope that you will find your passion. Develope that passion in to a career that you will love and won’t think of as a job. Travel Nylan, travel the globe meet the people of the world and aim high. Never lose your sense of wonder, your fountain of joy and your thirst for adventure.
An always remember that if you shall ever get lost, I am always here for you, and that I will love you until my last dying day. You are and will always be my son.

Love Nannie

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