Who am I?


 I am a wife, a paralegal, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend or your worst enemy if you cross me.

 I am the daughter of the first female dump truck driver in MN, the daughter of an Irish Ojibway Indian. I am strong, weak, silly, kind, and driven.

I believe in spirits, God and things unseen. I believe that a little luck and a lot of faith will get me through. A Bear always blazes her own trail, I  never follow the path well-traveled. The world is my class room each country has taught me something new about myself. I went out to find my place in the world, but what I found was my self amongst the worlds people.

A clean house gives me satisfaction, I could breath in the smell of clean all day long. A dozen cookies baked and meals on the table make me complete. You will find me in the kitchen whipping up a batch or two of Oreos or scrubbing away at the counter tops. A job keeps me humble. Staring at death’s door makes me realize I am human just like everyone else.

I am proud of my heritage, the beat of the drum calls me to the north woods every summer. I have faith in God but believe in the spiritual teachings of my people. a church is built for the worship of man, as God is everywhere and does not need bricks and mortar to exist.

I am a mother by choice, Nans is the pleasure of my life. Every plane ticket every mile is worth the time I get to spend with you. One day you will understand how much you mean to me.

Family is my rock, always there with advice whether I like it or not. Lending a helping hand, a smile and a home base to travel back too.  My parents are my best friends. They did the unthinkable 24 yrs ago, that unthinkable kept their baby alive. I am grateful for all that they have given up so that I could have a good life.

My furbabies are spoiled. I love them all Mystra my lady, Hazel the typical middle child, and my baby Freckles full of energy. God gave them second chances all three rescued from the pound. I love there sweet faces and sparkles in there eyes, let me know our day at the dog park was worth it.

Long walks around the lake, drives through the country side, putting my hands in the soil making tulips grow. Strolling through the farmers market with produce in hand, buying local and supporting those less fortunate.

Living life and loving every minute of it. Bears motto is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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