Divorced Life Dating

I decided that after my divorce I wasn’t going to jump into a relationship right away. That I wanted to feel the pain and be alone, so that I could truly heal, and not be influenced by another man.

This fall I dusted off my dating shoes and did what any single woman does, I joined one of those internet dating sites. Sure I got phone numbers from friends, blind dates came and went, yet I wanted to start this journey on my own. I havent been single since I was 19, that’s almost 10 years worth of relationships.

My oh my have the dating rules changed in the past almost 10 years. What ever happened to a first kiss on a first date, I didn’t know that I would be expected to streak into Home plate on a first date. I had a guy who asked me out on a date, it went great and he’d asked me to a second date. I said sure why not, then I got an email laying out his expectations for the night. In which he spelled out I want sex at the end of the night, don’t come if you aren’t going to put out. I felt offended and thought how rude. Not to mention the guy was only 5’6″ so I chalked it up to little man complex, but to the men of the interwebs have some class, some style, and for god sakes not every woman on the planet is going to drop her panties for you.

Besides Mr. I want you to drop your panties right now, there has also been phobia boy. Right there at the Urban Bean he laid down his phobias, water, heights, and automatic cars? I can deal with the water and heights, but come on now automatic cars? He said he didn’t like automatic cars because well he couldn’t control them. Needless to say I gulped my coffee down, burnt my tongue in the process, and bolted out of there like a whore leaving church. I didn’t call him back, I don’t do phobias.

So between phobia boy, Mr Drop your panties now, and well then there is Ring sting. So this man assured me no I am not married, would never do such a thing. Well then if you aren’t married why are you wearing your wedding ring. The look on his face was priceless and then he said ” My wife will never find out.” Oh she will I said, my x thought that too! An when she does find out there will be hell to pay. That date lasted 10 minutes.

So I am starting to wonder what the heck happened to men in the past almost 10 years? Did you all get dropped on your head, did some sort of rule get established regarding home base must be achieved on a first date. Oye, I say men, men have turned into quite the animals.

I guess I will throw some salt over my shoulder, a penny in a well, and wish on a star that not all men are home base achieving pigs. It true the nice guys always finish last, no one, not even me, likes a full of himself winner.

2 thoughts on “Divorced Life Dating

  1. I don’t even kiss on the first date. My rationale is that, well, it’s a blind date and since neither one of you know what you’re walking in to, it’s a bit presumptuous. I’ve be conflicted about this because I’m sure some women take offense to not getting a kiss goodnight as if it’s a rejection. Also I’m a an idiot when it comes to dating.

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