It’s hard to remember a time where I didn’t text, tweet, or Facebook the moments of my life. Maybe as humans we are a little to connected. So connected in fact that we no longer have the ability to miss someone because they are always at our finger tips. I’m not gonna lie I use more text messages per month than I do minutes, phone calls somewhat annoy me. Yet, I call my father every day, mostly because he can’t text and thinks twitter is something for the birds. Realizing that I normally rush my father off the phone in a rude hurry, today I actually listened.

It came up in conversation the other day that maybe we are to connected to each other. When dating I often send a few texts to show that I am interested. In the past when I haven’t done this, the men fire back with, “so are you not into me? Why aren’t you texting?” Maybe these men were just lazy or so hungry for human touch, they craved the ping of their phone. That some how my texts proved to them that they were desirable and needed.

I have finally met the other end of the spectrum. Someone who can survive and still like me without the constant battle of text messages flying back and forth. Today was the first day in a long time, that I didn’t really tweet or text. Best part is my world didn’t fall apart and I wasn’t constantly glancing at the Blackberry. Maybe this man, will help me unplug from my way to connected life.

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