Little Girls Don’t Grow Up….They Just Put on High Heels

My Mama always said: “There will always be people who will try to bring you down. Who want to dim your light and silence you by fear. You, my dear will stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe is right.”

I realize that in life some people never change. That ignorance prevails and instead of understanding, they lie to make their way. Lying gets no one anywhere, only the truth with set you free. A former coworker of mine made my life miserable. She verbally attacked me and threatened my life. A threat that was to keep me from speaking to anyone about an email to her husband. I personally didn’t care what it said. I personally don’t care about her little married life.

It amazes me how ignorant people can be. This Kansas girl said to me one day “Um did you know people who are infertile are more likely to kidnap children?” I told her that the statement wasn’t true. She looked at me and said “Google it!” I am sorry but infertile couples or infertile individuals are not likely to kidnap children. You lied when our boss called you out on it, You cried fake tears and said “Oh my God I can’t believe you would say something like that. I never said it to you.” Well Kansas girl if you never said it then why did you send me an email apologizing for the comment? Good question isn’t it.

Questions remain. I will always wonder what made you target me. Is it because I had a real life. A life filled with friends, cocktails, and meaning. Were you jealous because I’ve traveled, dated, and have a college degree. I will never understand it. All I know is that people believed your lies. Liars like you always crumble and fall into the wind. You will be nothing and your lies will catch up to you. Thats right I told management what you did. I do not take things lying down. I am a fighter until the last second counts.

Mostly I feel bad for you. Bad, because you couldn’t speak the truth. That you feel the need to make others miserable in order to make yourself look and feel better. I understand that you are simple and that you haven’t lived a life of meaning. You stick to your ways, but one day your ways will catch up to you. An at that moment you will have to stand before God and answer for your wrongs.

Just remember that all women, including the strong ones, are just little girls wearing high heels. That we are in this together. Each one of us is making our way in a mans world. Instead of crushing each other with our stilettos, we should be lifting each other up. You, Miss. Kansas, no one will lift you up when you are down, because even little girls can see a bad apple on the play ground.

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