Leave Your Comforts At The Door

In life we become comfortable and forget what it feels like to be out-of-place. We have a routine and get use to how things are. Forgetting what things could be and how open the world is. Closing ourselves off to opportunity and fearing the tides of change.

Change can be scary as it rolls in and when it recedes we realize how beautiful it is. Boxes try to hold us in and its lines provide us with comfort. A calm that is routine and as long as you’re standing inside the world is ok. Then there are those of us who punch through the box and stand outside the lines. Out here its scary, the safety net of the line is long gone, and only you can change the room your standing in.

The question is do you leave your comforts at the door and say goodbye to the box. Or do you stand inside clinging to any remaining shred of routine as the bright lights expose your secret. Your secret is, YOUR afraid of the unknown, afraid of walking without a net, and mostly afraid to leave the box behind.

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