{LOVE} Everyone Wants It

A very dear friend of my proclaimed this morning that she is giving up on love. She said this after subjecting herself to an evening of sappy movies. No good comes from a single girl watching sappy movies. Had I known she was doing such an act I would have stopped her and told her to watch something funny. However her giving up on love made me think.

Think about the time I proclaimed that I was giving up on love. So many of us are single and for most of us it is not by choice. This is just how we ended up. Some of us are so driven by our careers that we can’t fit in or let alone think about another person. Or maybe you’re a single parent with a one track mind and push your needs a side for the success of your child. Either way we are the only obstacles that stand in the way of ourselves finding love. Love is out there.

It’s out there all right. We dream of it, long for it, and search the ends of the earth until we find it. Sometimes love falls into our lap, bellies up to the bar, or even ends up in our in box. The moment you give up on love you lose hope. Hope is what keeps us a float during the hard times and allows us to dance our pants off during the good times. Hope is what allows our hearts to burst wide open. When your heart burst then you my dear have the ability to give and receive love.

So this is for the singles out there. I know it sucks cooking for one, sleeping alone, and always answering the “Why are you single” question. Have hope that one day the “Why are you single” question will fall to the floor because the one you waited for is by your side. Hope that you will be a plus one, that you will be able to buy those cool dinners for two in a bag, and have someone to snuggle on cold nights. Mr or Miss Right is out there, in time you will find what you’re looking for. Be patient and enjoy the single life. Because one day you’ll look back and realize that being single wasn’t so bad.

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