{Super Sophs} She Has My Heart

What! You went to Target without Me.......

Babies are God’s way of letting us know he still has faith in the human race. Faith that each child is a fresh start and a chance to change the world.

I have no doubt that Sophs will change this world one day.

Not every little girl gets to have an Auntie who steps up to the plate and helps her parents out. Indian people believe that raising a child is a community effort. Thats probably why I have 14 God children. Sophia will be my 15th and I couldn’t be more honored. Honored because I get to watch this beautiful little girl grow, guide her, and help her find her place in this world.

I fear that she will associate Target with her Auntie. An she’ll greet me like this: “Hey Auntie. Hi. Can we go to Target.” I know its gonna happen. Her little face lit up when we strolled down the isles. She will be a Target girl and sadly probably a little purse obsessed too.

Sophs is all ready spoiled. However on the same coin I want my niece to be humble. To revel in the sun and to never get lost in this world. She will know how to play in a mans world and how to stand on her own. Sophs will dream big and know that anything is possible as long as she believes in herself. She and she alone is the key to her success. An as a family it is our duty to help her pick that lock, rip the door down, and shoot through the glass ceiling. Nothing, nothing on this earth will knock Super Sophs down.

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