{Summer 2013} Reuse and Be Crafty

I drive a Prius, buy local, and try to eat as much organic food as possible, my goal is to leave a tiny carbon footprint when I leave this world. However when it comes to my apartment and the décor, I wasn’t being so green. If I got tired of something I bought new and gifted away the old or simply tossed it in the dumpster. Hey one woman’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Or so I thought. Now that I’ve got the work life balance thing down pat, I had time to get crafty. I decided to turn my cast offs into something that I would love again.

Its amazing what one can do with a $3 can of spray paint and 30 minutes of free time. When I first moved into my apartment I bought some silver plastic butterflies. I was still coming off a color drought aka the ex husband and thought they went perfectly with my light blue coffee tables. I love the butterflies and over time my love of the silver color dwindled. With a little help from my dad I picked out the perfect shade of berry. I used Rust-Oleum’s 2X cover Spray paint and they went from drab silver to a glorious pop of color.

After I painted the butterflies I was feeling pretty capable and thought what else can I paint? After some contemplation I grabbed a can of Rust-Oleum in apple green and set out to paint my lamp bases. One can pick up black lamp bases from IKEA for about $4 a piece and they were easy to paint. Again I loved the lamp shades I had, but was a little sour on the black base, it didn’t mesh with my theme. I smile when I walk into my bedroom and see my apple green lamps with light gray shades, how could you not smile at apple green.

Lamps and butterflies were something I could handle on my own. For my big projects I turned to my Dad. Over the spring I redid my living room. Long gone are the light colors that once filled my days. One light blue side table remained, I wanted to replace it, but I never found the table I wanted. So instead of tossing it my Dad told me we could paint it. I still had a full can of berry left and thought “this would be an awesome color for a table.” With a steady hand my Dad painted the table a beautiful hue of berry, it now matches my beloved butterflies. The table is now a cheery little hello hanging out in the corner with a bird-cage on top.

A couple of months ago HGTV magazine had an article about how you could turn an old coffee tale into a padded topped bench. Knowing full well that I still had two boring light blue side tables left, I thought “I could do that!” My Dad formulated a plan, provided the saw, and a lot of patience. I drove around and bought the supplies for said padded tops. My Dad painted the tables with Rust-Oleum’s 2x cover in lemon grass. I picked up fabric at IKEA, yes IKEA sells fabric by the yard and got a lesson in upholstery foam at Joann Fabrics. Our first upholstery job turned out pretty darn good. I absolutely love my new benches and now I have extra seating for when friends come over. Benches

It turns out that one woman’s trash is her treasure if she looks at it through a different light.

* I was not compensated by HGTV or Rust-Oleum, thoughts are my own*

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