{Birch Box} September’s Box

HeritageMy first Birch box was a bust. However when researching reviews other subscribers said it was one of the best boxes ever. I beg to differ, then again their boxes contained a different assortment of products than I received. Like I said before I believe in giving everyone and everything a fair chance.

Earlier this month I received an email telling me that Birch Box was turning three and the theme was Heritage. They said that the box was going to celebrate the subscribers. To me celebration and heritage are two separate things, their theme was lost on me. My box arrived on September 10th and I was excited yet skeptical to see what the pink box contained.

So what did I get in my September Birch Box? That’s a good question! Lets find out.

September Birch Box: Heritage

Beauty Protector Shampoo: this sulfate free formula adds volume and shine.

Beauty Protector Conditioner: is formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter and apple, lemon, and orange extracts. Together, they hydrate and nourish hair with vitamins and minerals.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Sensitive Peel: a gentle peel with fruit derived acids to dissolve dead skin.

Ruffian Nail Lacquer: in Fox Hunt, a vibrant orange hue.

Soak: a rinse-free formula that takes care of your delicates, safe enough to use on baby’s clothes too.

What did I try? What didn’t I try? Was the box a bust?

I am glad you asked! I was excited to see the Juice Beauty Green Apple peel, I have heard about it from girlfriends who love it. At $39.00 I didn’t want to invest in a full sized product that I might not love. Getting the sample size in my box was awesome. I used it on Friday night and hands down love it. My skin was smooth and bright after use. I will most likely invest in the full sized product.

My toes badly needed a new coat of polish and the vibrant orange tone of Fox Hunt was right up my color ally. The polish covers well and dries quickly. I like polishes that dry quickly, as I am a dog mom on the go and I do no have time to wait for polish to dry.

I have very curly hair. I am partial to my hair care brand, so I will not be trying the Beauty Protector shampoo an conditioner. The only good thing about it is, that the samples are under the 4oz rule so I can use them as travel sized items for my carry on. When that happens I will follow up and let you know my thoughts on Beauty Protector.

Soak’s rinse free formula sort of freaks me out. I am a germ phob at heart and not rinsing something out makes my skin crawl. They say its gentle, its just I need to rinse stuff out in order to quiet my phobia.

All in all Septembers box wasn’t a bust. I love the color of the nail lacquer I received and the Juice Beauty Green Apple peel. Two products out of five isn’t bad.

Birch Box is a $10 a month deluxe beauty sample subscription program. You earn 10 points for every $10 spent. When you’ve spent $100, you earn $10 to use in their shop or you can put that $10 towards your monthly box to make it free. To find out more go to http://www.birchbox.com.

{Reviews and Opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review}

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