{Fancy Box} $10 Mystery Box -Spring 2014

FancyI have been reading Fancy Box reviews for months and have drooled over he contents of the boxes. The $39.99 + shipping price tag is stopping me from getting a Fancy box of my very own. Fancy has celebrity curated boxes, a long with a regular monthly box and a Fancy Food Box. Last Saturday the blogs were a buzz over the news that Fancy was releasing a $10 + shipping mystery box. I had to get on that train so I plugged in my credit card number and waited for shipping confirmation.

Soon the internet was full of Fancy Mystery Box reviews a couple of ladies got some really awesome products in their boxes. Others were left with full on disappointment. The boxes are a grab bag of sorts, no one knows what their box is going to contain. I had no expectations, I just wanted one and I wasn’t to concerned about my potential products.

My Fancy Mystery Box arrived today and I practically tackled the FedEx man to get it. Everyone loves a great mystery and I was excited to unbox mine.
Fancy Box

“What did you get in your Fancy Mystery Box?” Oh! I am so glad you asked! Let’s unbox it!


The Motley – Gin Tonic Bath Salts: Prohibition folks distilled juniper berries in bathtubs giving us bathtub gin. We’re brining the classic cocktail to the tub with a tonic of calming juniper and a touch of lime for a soothing and revitalizing twist.
———————–> I wanted a gin and tonic the moment I opened the jar. I will definitely use these in my next bath.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners

Kikkerland – Head Massager

Removable wall sticker: Work Hard Stay Humble
Fancy Produts

I was not completely wowed by the products I received and I do know I fared better than others. I am not sure what I am going to do with the wall sticker as it does not fit in with my décor. The nail lacquer is a no go as it smells horrid and contains formaldehyde. This box was more for fun than anything else and I am glad I only paid $16.95 for it. If I had paid more I would be greatly disappointed. Rumor has it that Fancy still has some mystery boxes left. They have a women and men’s version, each box is $10 + $7.95 for shipping. If you would like a mystery box of your very own walk your fingers on over to http://fancy.com/things/190403263978277559/Fancy-Box-Subscription. Good luck!

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