{BirchBox} I’ve Got Points To BURN

Many people often ask me “If BirchBox is more of a miss than a hit, then why do you stay?” Truth for every sample you review on birchbox.com you received 10 points. In addition you receive 1 point for each dollar spent on full-size products in the BirchBox Shop and you can earn points for each friend who signs up using your unique referral link. For every 100 points you earn, you get $10 off a full-size product order in the BirchBox Shop.

How cool is that? For a few minutes of your time you get to earn points for product reviews, buying full-sized products and for getting your friends in on the fun. The points add up quickly. Each Box contains between 5 to 7 products every month. That’s 50 to 70 points towards your 100 point goal. It should be known that BirchBox’s customer service fix all is to throw 100 points your way when a sample is broken/missing or if your box has gone MIA. They are so nice and bonus you just earned yourself an extra $10.00 to spend in the shop.

A few weeks ago I logged in to my account and found out that I had 245 points, which equaled $20.00. I brought up the BirchBox Ap (yes they have an Ap) and let my fingers do the shopping.

“What did you buy with your BirchBox Points?” Oh I am so glad you asked! Lets find out!

BirchBox Points

Caldrea Dish Soap – scent: Basil Blue Sage Holler! Caldrea is a Minneapolis company that was founded out of the belief that utility and eco-chic can go hand in hand. They’re committed to using high-grade ingredients and artful designs.
———————-> What can I say I love buying local brands that are eco-friendly and smell darn right amazing! True story: “the only reason I bought this dish soap is because of the scent, Basil Blue Sage. I want to name my next child boy or girl Basil.” Yea, yea I know I am going to name my child after an herb. (The meaning for the name Basil is a story for another day) Anyways back to the dish soap. Caldrea cleans like a dream and does not leave a yucky film on your glassware. Go buy a bottle and find out for yourself. I promise it’s that good!

(MALIN + GOETZ) mojito lip balm: swipe on this mojito-inspired lip balm whenever we’d like, and treat ourselves to the delectable scent of our favorite summertime cocktail.
——————> I received this as a sample a long time ago and I fell in love with the consistency. A little bit goes along way and it keeps your lips soft. Soft lips = kissable lips and that makes for a happy girl.

Sumbody Exfoliating Bonbons – in citrus splash/jasmine: these bonbons pack a lot into a little bite. Crammed with all-natural goodies specialized to slough away dead skin and replenish cells with moisture, you’ll want to make these your new cleansing companions—even in a time crunch.
——————> I have yet to receive this product as a sample, however I am always on the look out for a new salt scrub. They claim that one bonbon will last you 3 showers…………………well mine dissolved in one shower. Which is fine because that one little bonbon left my skin super smooth and soft.

My order total before points were applied was $34.50. I applied 200 points to that $34.50 and that brought my total down to $14.50! How awesome is that? I saved $20.00 and not to mention I got free shipping. Which was a double bonus. So you see it pays to be a BirchBox subscriber, the points definitely make it a winner in my book. If you want to get in on he saving fun, run on over to BirchBox.com and sign yourself up!

BirchBox is a beauty and lifestyle subscription box program that costs $10.00 per month. For every box ordered or every $10 spent in their shop you can earn 10 points. 100 points will get you a free birch box or $10 towards a purchase in the shop at birchbox.com. I know you’ve got friends so why not refer those friends to Birch box and earn a few points for doing so. If you would like to learn more and get a Birch Box of your very own go to http://www.birchbox.com for more information.

***I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own***

1 thought on “{BirchBox} I’ve Got Points To BURN

  1. Birchbox points “can only be applied to full-size products and gift subscriptions. Points and/or store credit cannot be applied to monthly or yearly subscription orders.”

    hth! Next month’s sample choice is up. Not loving any of them, but I think I’d go with Mally. ❤

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