{Thanksgiving} To Shop or Boycott

For all of you complaining about stores being open on thanksgiving day…. Here is a bit of food for your thoughts. You are boycotting stores and complaining that people are not able to spend time with their families.

What about the airport folks, firemen, policemen, military, EMS, doctors, nurses, chefs, and so forth. What about those folks. Instead of sitting down with their families they are healing the sick, keeping our communities safe, putting out fires, flying the planes carrying our loved ones, taking our tickets and loading our luggage, heck my Mama (she’s a chef) will serve 1500 people in the Buffett on Thursday. There are thousands of people fighting to keep our country safe all around this globe. And they will be lucky to get a satellite phone call home. None of the above ever complain. Maybe the retail workers should shut up and think about the thousands of people who have worked on thanksgiving without complaint.

My mother never complains, she goes in and serves your families at Treasure Island while hers gathers around the table without her. She on Thanksgiving morning will be taking care of a paraplegic, she will do her job without complaint, and then she’ll rush home to eat and turn around and head to the casino to prepare for that nights guests. She will do this without complaint, she has worked more thanksgivings than I can possibly count on two hands. She’s never once complained.

So just maybe the retail workers will stop and pause for a moment maybe all of you will start to boycott the police station, the fire house, the ambulance service, the hospital, home health services, restaurants, gas stations, air ports, hotels, and casinos. As all of the for mentioned will be fully staffed and running on this Thanksgiving Thursday. So please before you boycott and stomp your feet, think of my mother and all of the hard working folks who have not spent a thanksgiving with their families in over 15 years before you complain about a store opening at 5pm on thanksgiving.