{Darby Smart} #Catweek Canisters

Darby SmartI grew up with a crafty father. My dad who I happen to call Pete, in which Pete is not his name. His name is actually Greg, but I prefer to call him Pete. My dad is a visionary, he can see a fishing lure in a piece of drift wood. A gate out of old metal head boards, and a greenhouse out of salvage windows. My Dad is famous for dumpster diving and picking things up from the curb. In one man’s trash he sees potential. Potential for something great or it just collects dust in the garage.

My sister and I grew up in a home that was filled with antiques and other questionable items that should have died in the seventies. Example “who has a couch with bridges and trees on it?” My parents, that’s who. Anyways, My dad spent his spare time teaching us that we could make everything out of nothing. I watched as my Pete carved fishing lures, built tackle boxes, and many other countless creations. He once made a swinging grill for the fire pit from an old fan grate, a chain, and a metal fence post. It worked beautifully and provided us with many grilled hot dogs.

Little did I know that Pete was instilling in me a never-ending desire to create and to contribute to the world around me. In high school I dabbled in clay, my projects line the shelves and walls of my parents home. Painting and drawing are not my forte, yet clay captured me, it allowed me to create and convey my emotions to the world. I haven’t worked with clay for years. I actually stopped creating and found myself thrown into the black and white world of corporate life. My soul needed to create again. Writing soothed me and allowed me to share my story, yet my heart it wanted to look upon my latest DIY project.

Last summer with the help of Pete I turned two side tables into a padded topped bench, an IKEA table went from light blue, to berry, and my black lamps were painted the perfect shade of apple green. My heart was happy, my hands were creating again and I felt whole. One night I was once again on my never-ending quest to find the best subscription boxes on earth, when I came across Darby Smart.

Darby Smart sends you delightful DIY Kits. When you open your kit, we want your eyes to twinkle. When you finish your kit, we want you to feel proud. To achieve that, we work hard to find uniquely chic materials. We obsess on writing fun, simple instructions. I am on my third Darby Smart Kit (I know, I know, I have been holding out on you), I am in love with this company. Darby Smart has a diverse selection of kits. They have one to tickle every fancy and to satisfy every whim. Darby Smart customer service is amazing, orders are processed at lightning speed, and are on your door step faster than you can spell MISSISSIPPI.

I have always seen mason jar canisters in the store with embellishments on the lid. I just didn’t want to fork over $10 to $30 dollars for one. I knew I could probably make one, yet I was too lazy to go out and gather all of the needed supplies. Enter Darby Smart, they have an Animal Canister kit for $19.00 and I had a $15.00 of coupon. Which made my total cost $4.00! $4.00 was a deal I could not pass up, so I placed my Oder and waited.
Cats & Jars

Darby Smart ~ #Catweek Canisters

Project Includes:
Cats (plenty)—–> I got four
2 Mason Jars
Super Glue
Krylon Spray Paint in hot pink
DIY Instructions

According to my instructions I could complete the project in 20 minutes. I wonder if they timed it at 1:30am when you are hyped up on caffeine? Anyways, at first I had a little trouble getting my chosen cats to stick to the metal lids. Never fear, I used a lot more glue and called Pete. Pete told me to apply more glue and to hold them in place for a few minutes. It worked the cats stuck and I set out to spray paint the lids.
Pink Cats

Score, I didn’t get any spray paint on my kitchen floor. That right there called for a 2am happy dance. Once the paint dried I realized that I did not paint the cats bellies and I missed an ear on one. With a second coat of paint they were good to go and I was ready to hit the hay. I said goodnight to my new painted friends and let them dry over night. In the morning the looked great, all was covered nicely in hot pink paint and I was ready to slap them onto the jars.
Cat Jars

Ta da! I am now the proud owner of two very whimsical jars and I am pretty darn happy with how this project turned out. If you are in need of internet rehab I command you to truck on over to http://www.darbysmart.com. Your DIY kit is waiting for you and remember to use the code HOWDYDARBY to get $10.00 off, yes I said $10.00 off of your first order. Have fun and DIY my friends.

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{BirchBox} Spring Forward – March 2014

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Somewhere in the world Spring has sprung. I am certain that it has yet to spring in Minnesota. Yesterday we had a winter storm that caused a 61 car pile up on a major freeway and snow is yet again in our forecast. Not to mention we have been under a winter parking ban that continues until next Tuesday. I haven’t parked on the even side of the street in months. It has gotten to the point where I have to take a picture of the street sign so I remember where I parked the Prius in the morning. Winter is dragging on and she has definitely wore out her welcome.

I am ready for spring. I my toes want to meet the flip to my flop, tulips are eagerly awaiting to burst through the ground and I find myself dreaming of warm days. Luckily, BirchBox put a little spring into my step this month. March’s theme is “Spring Forward.” The season is changing, and we’ve got an extra hour of glorious daylight (woo hoo!) and an hour less of shut-eye (blargh) on our hands. Whether you’re a glass half-empty or half-full kind of gal, what better time to focus on maximizing your daily routine? I like the sound of that, it gives me hope as the days grow longer that Spring is hiding around the corner. It has to come, otherwise I am going to move south of the equator.

“I am super excited to share the fun I unboxed this month!”

Spring Birch

Spring Forward – March 2014

Gilchrist & Soames – London Collection Body Lotion: Fast-absorbing lotion leaves skin silky-smooth.

INIKA – Eyeliner in Green Lagoon: mineral based liner.

Jurliqu – Purely Bright Radiance Serum: Plant-powered formula that brightens and prevents dark spots.

Keims – Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo: This cleanser fortifies and nourishes strands for a silky-smooth finish.

Beauty Extra

Woohoo! Who doesn’t love an extra! I love extras! Jurlique – Purely Bright Cleanser: Gentle exfoliator that fades stubborn dark spots while whisking away dirt, oil, and make up.

I also received a treat from Ghirardelli in my box, they sent me a square of Ghirardelli’s Cherry Tango. If you have been reading my blog then you know chocolate and I don’t mix. So I gladly handed this off to a coworker. He gladly accepted it.

BirchBox did a really great job creating a Spring Forward box, I was exposed to a lot of new brands and had fun trying all of the products.

Birch Box is a beauty and lifestyle subscription box program that costs $10.00 per month. For every box ordered or every $10 spent in their shop you can earn 10 points. 100 points will get you a free birch box or $10 towards a purchase in the shop at birchbox.com. I know you’ve got friends so why not refer those friends to Birch box and earn a few points for doing so. If you would like to learn more and get a Birch Box of your very own go to http://www.birchbox.com for more information.

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{Target} Beauty Box Spring 2014

Target Beauty Box Spring 2014

Target Beauty Box Spring 2014

I had heard rumblings on Facebook that big box retailer Target was selling a Beauty Box for $5.00 online. Target is a Minnesota Company and I love all things local, therefore I shop at target ALOT! Besides who would pass up a $5.00 subscription box, definitely not this girl. The cost of Target’s Beauty Box was $5.00 with a promise of free shipping. When I placed my order it charged me for shipping so my $5.00 box turned into an $11.82 box.

Never fear my friends, I made a quick call to customer service and was instantly credited for the shipping. Yay! My box was back to $5.00, since Target is based here in MN I had to pay a little tax. But, who cares, the darn box was dirt cheap and I could not wait to try all of the products.

If you have yet to nab a Target Beauty Box, you are sadly out of luck, as they sold out with in minutes. Everyone loved a great deal, especially when it includes awesome products!

“What did you get in your Target Beauty Box?” Oh! I am so glad you asked, let’s find out!

Target Beauty Box

Target: Beauty Box Spring 2014

TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray: Spray from root to tip for salty, sultry texture and subtle, windswept waves.

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara: Stretch and lengthen lashes for a fluttery, winged-out look with this unique mascara formula and revolutionary asymmetrical Butterfly Brush.
——————> I am in love with this mascara. I have long lashes to begin with and this gives me that classic glam look.

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo: Give hair a rejuvenating boost with this paraben and colorant-free formula made with natural tapioca to instantly absorb excess oil with less residue.

COVERGIRL Smoochies Sizzle Gloss: Sheer color meets sizzling shimmer in a moisturizing formula that’s always stunning, never sticky.
———————–> The gloss smells like cotton candy and has a light color. I feel that it is a bit to tacky for my taste. The texture not the color folks.

Jergens BB Cream Light: a multi-tasking beauty cream in a quick-drying formula that goes on sheer and delivers visible results in just 5 days.
——————> This is now my every day lotion. We got a coupon for $3.00 off of a $15.00 beauty purchase at Target, I used my coupon to buy this lotion and a few other things. The smell is amazing and I can actually see a difference in my skin. My legs no longer appear splotchy and red, they are a nice even tone. Same goes for my arms and the rest of me. I hands down love this lotion. If you don’t own it, go get it now!