Nans Year in Review

Wow Nans is so big. He is growing in body and mind every day.

Nans spent most of his summer with us in Minnesota in which he enjoyed thoroughly.

He went down to Lake city a few times to see where Papa grew up, played in the very lake I did as a little girl, He met the hot dog lady at the D.Q. and ate Burger King by the waters edge. Nans also went to the farmers market a few times, oh how he loved that all of the fruits at his finger tips , rolled his eyes at veggies. Ah he is a funny kid. We also took him to Carver lake a few times to play at the beach. Valley fair where he was a big boy and rode the big rides while giving Nannie a heart attack. Discovered the lazy river and wave pool. Soon his Mn summer came to a close and it was time to head back to Texas.

Nans started school this year ( yup makes me tear up knowing I wasn’t there to photograph it). He is doing great and loves learning. This year also marked Nans new custody schedule, he only comes up one weekend a month now. Its hard on us all, but I know that the Husbands love stretches from Minnesota to Texas. That Nans can feel the love. We do everything we can to make sure his life is amazing and memorable.

He enjoyed thanksgiving in MN. Shopping on Black Friday he was a trooper. In his own words I love Minnesota. He said his Christmas with Daddy and Nannie was the best Christmas ever. Nans here is to a great 2010, you”ll be 6 in 5 days my boy. You are getting so so big.

Know that Nannie loves you more than you ever know and that you are and will always be my first born. No matter what anyone tells you, you are not my step son, you are my son. My big growing healthy happy boy.

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