Someone asked me the other day…….

Someone asked me the other day…….

Bear why did you give up Law School?
My reply was this………………….
I had my life planned out to a T. Graduate college at 23 go to law school graduate at 26, find a great job, buy a house and get married. That was the course I set my self on. I think my life was to well planned out, so God threw my a curve ball named Mr. After meeting Mr my life changed for the better, he taught me that we don’t need to plan out every detail right down to the last second of our lives. That it is good to go with out a plan. So I did I threw caution to the wind, put my dream on hold and moved in during the summer of 06. I never thought I would be one of those girls who married young, turns out I was got married when I was 25. During this time I did a lot of searching finding my place in life. I worked for Jenny Craig left that and went to Express Scripts. I found my place at Express I made a difference in peoples lives helped confused pharmacist, and was a kind voice on the other end of the phone for our soldiers over seas. It was great! Turns out I let myself get comfortable and stopped wanting something better. When I left college I vowed I am done with Law never ever again will I study or use you. Turns out law was waiting for me, it loved it when I read its words, used it, breathed it lived it. So I went back to what I know best,something that I am a master at……yup you guessed it Law. My old professor said, I knew you would come back to law. Law is who you are. Be a paralegal for a while if you like it, go to law school Bear. So that is what I am doing, I am seeing if I can hear the melody again, seeing if law is still my passion. If it is then I will go to law school and become the lawyer I was meant to be. But until I hear the symphony in my heart I am staying put as a paralegal.

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