Tis the season for Change

A lot of things are changing in the bear household.
I am leaving my current employer, the giant pharmacy benefit management company on October 16Th, for a new job with a law firm. Yes a law firm. I am very excited, I will be working in a collections firm. An with great accomplishment comes reward. The husband and I decided that since I will be making a bit more we can afford new floors.
Yes, new floors! We are getting Lamenent floors installed in our kitchen/dinning room on Tuesday. I chose pecan hickory as my floor color. I am so excited, my kitchen will be one step closer to being remodeled. All we will have left is the counter tops. Also our formal living room, family room and office are getting new carpet. So that means frecks the rescue pup is in trouble if she potties on Mommy and Daddy’s new carpet. I cant wait for next Tuesday and Wednesday to come, the floors are going to look great.
The inside of the bear home isn’t the only thing changing. The outside is changing as well, we will be ripping out old bushes along with over grown plants and replacing them with new foliage. My Dad will be helping us with this project and helping with the design of our front yard. We will be going to the nursery on Sunday to purchase our plants.
Change is a good and wondrous thing:)
Even we as people change every day. I am not the same person today as I was on Thursday. We are constantly evolving and working toward the greater good of mankind.

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