My Boy is Turning 6 Today!!!!!

I can’t believe Nylan is turning 6. It seems just like yesterday when he drove up with his dad to UW-Superior to meet me. I’ll never forget the day I laid eyes on my wide eyed chubby cheeked boy.

This was Taken during the summer of 2005 during our first visit to Como Zoo.


Its now 2006. Thats you Nans on your second birthday. This was taken a few days before your Nannie left for Egypt. You sure liked pizza back then, now you won”t even touch it.

Wow look at you in 2007! You are three years old! You are getting so big and are learning so much

Something very special happened in 2008. You turned 4 years old and this is the year your Daddy married the Bear. Nans was the ring bear in our wedding and looked handsome in his Tux. Saddly your big girl Princess left us and joined the other doggies in the sky. This is also the year we moved into the red house.

In 2009 you turned 5. You had a great summer in Minnesota and started school at mommys house in Texas. This was your first christmas in MN since 2004.

An on Jan 6th you will be 6 years old. Yes my boy it will mark your golden birthday. My the years have flown by. Its hard for me to think that not so long ago I was shopping in the toddler dept and now I’m buying your clothes & shoes in the big boy dept. You have replaced Blues clues and elmo with a love for video games, Transformers and Star Wars. You use to eat pizza and drank apple juice like no tomorrow, but today you won’t go near them. Your tastes have changed. You are getting so big and smart. I believe it was fate that brought us together, as not every boy in this world has a Nannie like you.

Always know you are my first born, the pleasure of my life. No matter where you go in life know that i believe in you and that my love will never die. I love you today tomorrow and always.

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