Good Bye first car

This week was a little bitter-sweet. It marked the end of the road for my very first car. Back in 2001 I had saved up my money to buy my first car and in August I bought a 1992 Ford Escort from a lady named Susan for $750.00. I was proud of my car and it got me where I needed to go. It saw many miles and years of use.

However this pat week we learned it would need $793.00 worth of work, I didn’t feel like putting $793.00 into a car I only paid $750.00 for. So it had to be done, I sent her off  to join the big scrap heap in the sky.

Since I had to send her to the big scrap heap in the sky this left the Husband without a winter car. SO to Craigslist I went and I found a new winter beater for $600.00 not to shabby for a Saturn I must say. The man seemed honest so I said you’ve got yourself a deal.

Say Hello to the new beater

You maybe wondering why did I stop driving my Escort. Well it’s because I gave her up for this baby …………………

My 2002 Prius! I love this Car

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