Whats giant and next to the air port?

Hmm as we locals call it MOA AKA the Mall of America. I rarely go out there because it’s so busy and there are way to many people filming their shopping day. I just don’t want to end up on some ones vacation video. With that being said it was cold outside and well I wanted to do something with my sister so we sucked it up and headed over to the largest tourist trap in MN.

I have never seen it so busy, all the parking ramps were closed off  because they were full and well all the lots around the mall were too. I had to park the Prius in the over flow lot next to Ikea, you know the one you never park in because to many cars have been broken into at that lot. Yup we left the Prius in that lot and fought our way around the way to packed hallways of  MOA.

They have added a lot of new stores to the mall, a lot of them are higher end like Burberry, Coach, and have up dated the old stand buys. One of my new favorite stores is Lush.

Lush sells hand-made organic bath products from bubble bars that smell like heaven, to jelly shower gel, to bath bombs and massage bars. It smells so good in that store and you can’t walk out without buying something.

I walked out of there with two bubble bars and two bath bombs.

For bubble bars I bought Karma and the new Valentines Bubble bar that was shaped like a mushroom.  For bath bombs I got Sex bomb and the X factor. They all smell amazing and I have a feeling that I have a few baths in my future.

So from Lush we walked the halls wondering around to see what was new.

I snapped a few photos as we walked around, again the mall was busy so we could hardly move around or walk next to each other.

We shopped around for a while and decided to head back home, finding the Prius was another adventure, as it was tucked away in the very last row of the over flow lot.

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