Just a stone along the path

Bless the broken road that lead me to you. You are just a stepping stone along my path, I’ve pocketed the lessons, and tucked away the memories of you. My mom was right she told me not to marry a man that would throw away my dreams and stash me at the bottom of the list. For five years I felt empty, like a failure, because I ditched my own dreams for you, you promised me something better. That something better never came, you just brought me pain and misery.

So now Im left to travel my broken road, you are tucked safely in the past, the mission is clear, the triumph is near. I am going to take my dreams out of the boxes and see them through to the end. Just like a gardner nourishes his tiny seeds until a beautiful flower blooms. I am the gardener of my destiny sewing the seeds of my tomorrows.

The only thing that stands between me and my dreams is a nasty little thing called the LSAT. Strangely I will be taking the test on the day I was suppose to give birth to little bear on December 11th. I think I will take that as a good sign. A sign of hope for a brighter future where all of my dreams are realized.

I learned a valuable lesson: Never give up your dreams for a man, because in the end he will never be worth it.

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