Punching Snowmen

Like most ladies I have had many a dating blunders and days where I just plain gave up. It seems that when we give up fate finds its way in and allows us to look a little further and a little deeper at the fish in the sea.

Recently I punched a snowman. (not really) In doing so it led to a string of emails that ranged from dogs making dinner, to uptown hipster pigeons who mumble about oppression, and to my favorite subject ninjas. The emails eventually led to a date, a great first date to be exact, that led to an even better second date. I know crazy right two dates in 3 days or as he would say 48hrs. I am glad that I punched that snowman, because if I hadn’t the IRS Auditor would never of walked into my life.

At this moment I am going to consider myself lucky and take down all of my personal ads. I am throwing caution to the wind, moving my thimble on the board and I am going to follow it through to where ever it may lead.

So maybe ladies the key to finding a datable man is to punch a few snowmen. After all it has been a long cold, bitter winter, so go on and punch one.

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