Hard Hats and Life

Someone wise told me “if you don’t like the room your in….change it.” The light in here was starting to dim and lemmings were starting to bring me down. So I took a que from one of my favorite movies: Fried Green Tomatoes. “To Wanda,” is what she yells when she rips down that wall and she tells her husband “if there isn’t a way, there is always To Wanda.”

A hard hat is what I need to get my remodeling project started. Out with the old and in with the new. I realize that all of my tools were in place and collecting dust. Its time I pull them out and use them. After all I didn’t spend $50,000.00 on a college education for nothing. Since I am paying for it, I mise well put my degree to use and let it work for me. So I punched a small hole into the wall and the light it came pouring through. Bright beautiful light that is full of opportunity. My work life is taking a turn in the right direction and my skills will be put to the test. Draft baby draft!

Now that I am a hard hat wearing Ninja. Fashionable I know, I thought what else can I remodel. Hmm ah I looked in the mirror, my curls they are my identity their staying. Then I took one look down, oye I need to get my rear to the gym. You know its time to wave the flag and head back to the center that helped you lose 30lbs, when you’ve put 15 of those pounds back on. I don’t want hips like a line backer and in my field looks do matter. So its back to medifast, the gym, and Calhoun I need to be a skinny ninja. I dusted off my polar heart rate monitor, my iPod, and headed out for a long ass walk. The lake it won, the scale is gonna lose, and I am gonna conquer this!

My work life and weight-loss plan are in place. What else can I remodel……..Well there is always my spinsterhood. I will leave that for another time, right now I am good with being a spinster.

My hard hat is on tight and my tool box is ready. Ready to knock down walls and take names without question. I am a hard hat wearing NINJA, hear me ROAR!

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