Silent Thank You

I highly doubt that you read my blog, my twitter or even the text messages I chuck out there. But this this is for you.

I will never regret what went down between us. For as long as I live I want you to know that you are not in no way in hell the reason I left my marriage. Instead you uttered the words I was longing to hear. You told me that it was ok to walk away. That there is no right or wrong in divorce. Everyone loses. That it was ok to be the one who made the call and walked away first.

You were an example. You survived your divorce and managed to find what made you happy. I think of you from time to time. I hope that you are doing all right and that one day your anger will dwindle. You cannot be angry at me forever. When that day comes I will explain it all to you in person (Its one heck of a story). I chose not to air my divorce and the reasons why I left on my blog for the sake of Nylan. After all this blog and one day book is for him. But you are forever part of the story, of my story that I share on my blog and tell to the people I am motivating.

Judgement calls, life comes down to judgement calls. We can choose to stay or go. To be angry or forgive. We can choose to fight or die. It doesn’t matter what we choose as long as we make that final judgement and call it like we see it.

One day, I have faith that your anger will fade. That you and I can sit down adult to adult and I can tell you the truth. The truth that I have been longing to share with you and one that you need to hear.

Just know that I do not desert the people I care about, even thou we no longer speak I still care. I always have and I always will. Mostly I do not give up on good ninjas like yourself. Mainly because no one has ever given up on me. My hope is that one day I can say “Thank You” to your face.

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