Drinks ~ BBQs ~ Sailing Ninjas

Its funny this time last year I was busily making a list of what was mine and what was the x husbands. I was feverishly packing everything I could in boxes and ripping photos from frames that I wanted. My friends, family and I packed my life up last July 4th. That was the day I took myself back and walked away from Brighton trail one last time.

It’s amazing how much a year can change a girl. I am no longer the scared newly separated girl. I am strong confident, sassy, a survivor, and darn right goodness. This is the life I have always dreamed of. I am making my own money, living by my own rules, and taking names without questions. It does get lonely from time to time, enter the muppet. My source of late night giggles and wet muppet kisses.

This past week has been filled with celebration. I feel now that the cancer is gone, I can breathe again and just maybe date a little too. Drinks were plentiful, happy tears fell to the bar room floor, and smiles replaced the uncertainty that laid before me. I am greatful for my friends. Greatful that they brought me dinner on nights when I was to tired, sat with me when I was fretting, and whispered in my ear “go ninja go.” I may be biased but I have some of the most incredible friends on the planet. They truly are my family. Toasts were given, laughter filled the hot summer air as we skipped along Nicollet Mall. This is my life and just like I did last year I am taking it back. I did not let my stroke/blood clot nor my divorce define me, Cancer is just a blip on the screen and will not alter my dreams.

Dreams that are a blaze with light. During the winter months I long for BBQs. There is just something about hanging out with your friends and eating chard meat. BBQs are our way of showing our love through food. Ninjas know that I am the queen of the grill, the grilling is up to me. I have watched my friends babies grow into toddlers, singles become married, and new love unfold from the helm of the Webber. Croquet is something that always goes down at a ninja BBQ, that is if the ninjas are not playing badminton. This, this is the day I long for beautiful weather, beautiful food, and spending time with beautiful people that I love.

Love can take many forms. Since I was a child I have been drawn to water. I learned how to sail at Ycamp Pepin. Sailing is something that has always brought me calm. For me a sail boat is my zen. The ropes, the sail, the wind in your hair. It’s just you, the water, and the boat. I do my best thinking while sailing. Sailing is best done with friends. Lucky for me most of my friends love boats and understand the concepts of sailing. Right down to the knots. Smiles, a little wine and laughter filled the ship as it set its course on the sparkling blue waters. This day is a day meant to be enjoyed. This day is what dreams are made of.

As I peered into the water I couldn’t help but reflect on the past year. I can say I am happy. Happier than I could have ever imagined. My life is finally coming together and things are falling into place. I maybe 6 years late, but my arrival date was never set in stone.

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