Blind Date………..Oh My!

As you know I choose to keep my personal life off of the blog. However sometimes its to good/funny or just a darn right blunder not to share. Hence I am breaking my own rule. I make the rules around here, so I can break them if I want too.

I have been single for a full year now. Strange I know. It’s actually the longest I have gone without being in a relationship since I was 20. My what 8 years can do to a girl. I have no problem being single. Well that is unless I am trying to reach something up high or have news to share then I mind it a tad. Only a tad thou. I’ve dabbled in dating on my own and have been chucked into it by friends.

Friends always have a business card, a friend, or a coworker to put in front of me. I’ve gone to parties where they are like “Hey you have to come. I invited so and so and he’s single.” I go and both of us just feel duped.

Duped is what happened a week ago. I was minding my own business going merrily on my way. When the phone rang and of course it was someone trying to set me up with someone. Sweetly I declined, my decline wasn’t accepted and I got guilted into going to dinner. He was my type, nerdy, a little quirky, educated (that’s always a plus), and short. Short doesn’t do me any good when I am trying to reach things up high. But, somehow I always end up with the short ones. Height doesn’t matter to me, it’s the person who counts. (Remember that ladies)

Drinks went well and then he blurts out “I googled you, I found your blog.” OK. I said. He just looked at me strangely. Then again he gave me the square eye every time I used the words/phrases “Epic, Ninja, Kung Fu, Shut the front door, and Fail Whale.” Come one now, that’s common lingo in my world, and I am not going to change. After the square eyes were glanced he picked apart my twitter feed and my blog.

In his words “I could never date a woman who puts herself out there. You, you are to out spoken for me. You dear are a little to independent for me. An quite frankly I don’t want to end up on your blog.” I looked him in the eye and said “I think I am going to get my check. You are not worth my time. I’m sorry but it’s not 1950 something anymore. Women are allowed to be out spoken, independent, and darn right awesome!”

This is a problem I run into often. For me I don’t need to cling to a mans every word nor do I need to hear from them 24/7. If you like me, you like me. I get it. For me there needs to be “AmandaJean time” and then “us time.” Sometimes us time may occur a few times a week or hey, it may take a month for my schedule to calm down before I can see you again. I often tell people “I am like a plant. Take me out, check on me, and I am fine.” So what is it with men and why do they want co-dependant women? Ugh. Like I’ve said before men need to come with manuals. Manuals, we need man manuals. You think men would have invented this by now.

With or without a manual, I still have faith that Mr right is out there somewhere. A man who will giggle at the very sound of “Epic, Ninja, Kung Fu, Shut the front door, and Fail Whale.” Of course I will provide him with an AmandaJean’s words/phrases decoder book so he can understand the lingo. I might even hand him a plant as a reminder, that I am like a plant. With a little sun and care the relationship will grow. Grow into something epic and beautiful. Yup, that’s what I want. A relationship that grows like a plant.

For now I am ignoring blind date requests and outside help. The only person that knows what I want is me. An I am going to find my plant like relationship on my own. Bring on the plants!

1 thought on “Blind Date………..Oh My!

  1. wow…he’s afraid of a woman with a voice…jeez… my heart goes out to you….more importantly, it seems as though you’re a little jaded or afraid of some romance… I hope that changes…I hope you find a guy who changes your mind with all of the right reasons… I love your words and find you to be remarkable…


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