HTC EVO ~ Ninja BFF Date ~ Ninja Antics and Smaller Pants

It is well-known that I have a long-standing relationship with my blackberry. Blackberry just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. His keys were getting stuck, the sound went, and shit the dang thing froze all of the time. The curb is where it needed to go. After doing some research and getting advice from my tech ninjas I decided to get the HTC EVO.

Technology and me are like oil and water. Simple is best and sometimes simple isn’t simple enough. If I can turn on a computer I call that a good day. Anyways so far my EVO is doing the trick. I had to teach the darn thing to recognize swear words, it knows plenty now. All versions of Angry Birds have been downloaded, twitter is on the front page, and foursquare works correctly. So far I am loving the thing and haven’t broken or chucked it yet. This, this is big ninjas.

Big Gingers are mighty fine when shared with a Ninja BFF!

The HTC EVO proved to be entertainment for my BFF Ninja dinner date Miss Angela. Lucky for me she figured out how to turn the darn auto correct off. It was driving me nuts. Speaking of nuts, hot damn it is so hard to find a parking spot around Psycho Suzies. That place is always nuts. Lucky for us we got a table right away and had tiki drinks in our hands within minutes of sitting down. Cheese curds and pizza were on tap for the evening. Since it was 100 degrees in there we decided to bolt and head downtown to The Local. Patio seating was available and my oh my the people watching was superb.

Nicollet mall is an interesting run way of sorts for the late night crowd. bachelorette parties ran wild and the cougars were on the prowl. In between checking out the people dessert was had. Ninja BFF dates always end with two things: 1. whiskey and 2. dessert. At The Local they combine the whiskey into dessert so it’s a win win. It was getting late and my date was turning into a pumpkin so we headed home to uptown.

Ultimate Ninja BFF date nights end with dessert!

Uptown is quite the place. My neighbors felt the need to vacuum at 8am. I didn’t appreciate the noise neither did my aching head. Much of Saturday was spent sleeping and running errands. I ran into my ex BFF. Target is no longer my happy place. Jack talked me into meeting up for drinks. Well since I wasn’t on call and after much begging I agreed to hit the town.

Ninja antics ensued as we hopped from bar to bar. Crown and cokes are what I have been drinking lately. A man at the bar told me “I don’t trust girls who drink whiskey. They get crazy.” With that heard I looked the bartender in the eye and said “Crown and Coke sir.” The man next to me: “Shit, and you seemed so normal.” Haha men should never make a comment about a ladies drink of choice. Some of us choose fruity cocktails and others well we go for the hard stuff. No fruit necessary. Soon the evening wore into a blur and I was ready to settle in for the night.

Sunday morning was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Except for the photo shoot. Man that camera flash hurts the eyes. With the shoot in the bag I headed home to my Mama. Mainly so she could do my laundry. Laundry is important. Since loosing 26 pounds none of my jeans fit and well Rochester has pants lots of pants. I let my mama drive the prius so I could play angry birds on the way down. Priorities I know, there mixed up but hey this was my first time playing angry birds on my new phone. My new pants are a size smaller than the last ones I bought. Go me! I am almost back to my premarriage weight. The ex husband is who I blame for the weight gain and now that he’s gone I am melting like a stick of butter in the hot July sun.

It was a weekend filled with new pants, BFF Ninjas, and to many crown & cokes to count. It was beautiful and a great way to spend my first weekend off in months. Monday always comes to soon. Weekends should be longer and filled with so much love that your heart bursts wide open. Kung fu and ninjas that’s a weekend dreams are made of.

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