The Best NINJAS Hang Out With God {Remembering Adam Lavasseur}

Life is a journey worth taking and a dream worth dreaming. One thing I know is that today is for sure and tomorrow is uncertain. None of us know when our name with be called in heaven and when our last moment will be.

Early this morning I got word that I lost a very dear college friend. A man who was literally bigger than life. Someone so pure and kind he set your heart on fire. From the moment I met him a friendship was born and as they say the rest was history.

Adam lived three doors down from me in Ross Hall on the UW-Superior campus. We would sit in the hallway late at night just talking about life and dreaming of our futures. I could hear him cheering loudly from his room on nights the Packers were winning and even louder on the nights that the Vikings were loosing. He would walk with me to class and poke fun at my “old lady parka.” Adam was truly a gift. I am a better person because of Adam and I am thankful to call him my friend.

Part of me is angry with God. I must ask “What makes me different? You saved me, so why didn’t you step in and save Adam?” Maybe this is something I’ll never really understand. People well medical professionals tell me I should be dead and its a mystery on how I survived a massive pulmonary embolism. Losing Adam makes me realize how special life is and that it truly is a gift. We do not have control over our demise. We only have control over what we do with the time we have.

Time is something we have a lot of. Yet, we let that time run through our fingers. Putting off I love you, dates with friends, and for what? That what is work, work always gets in the way of our time. Yet work is something we need to sustain us and keep us a float. Its been a while since I’ve spent time with Adam and I’d give anything to have more time with him. Time, is something we can never get back, no matter how hard we try. We never get a do over. So use your time wisely and spread as much love as you can. Because in the end love is all that matters.

What matters now is that we look deep within our selves and honor Adam. Honor him by extending a smile to a stranger, a hug to a child, and sharing laughter with friends. Adam would want that. This I am sure of. He had so much love in his heart that is was bursting wide open. Adam never cut anyone down, he always saw the good in us and remind us to find the good in others.

My hope is that all of you have an Adam in your lives. Let that person know how much they mean to you and tell them. Because you never know when their last day on earth will be. I have to believe that the best ninjas get to hang out with God. Adam, you my friend were one hell of a Ninja. I will treasure our friendship and miss you deeply. Rest my friend rest on the clouds of heaven.

2 thoughts on “The Best NINJAS Hang Out With God {Remembering Adam Lavasseur}

  1. Adam was blessed with many, very dear friends. He may have only been here a short 27 years but left his mark on many lives.

    He was very close to his Grandma Jean, who he spent many hours with playing cards and if he lost he would accuse grandma of cheating. Grandma Jean passed away about seven years ago but I’m sure she had a big smile on her face as she welcomed him back by her side.

    Adam was a self taught person who could figure anything out without much effort. He will be missed by all those who knew him.

    The next thunder storm listen closely, as it just might not be thunder after all ,but Adam and grandma playing cards and Adam hollaring at grandma for cheating.

  2. I’m hurt to hear this. Adam and I never met, but we exchanged emails and chatted. Adam was an intelligent, funny easygoing man. The kind of person that improves the world by just being themselves.

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