{Love With Food} Scary Delicious October


Late one night I was cruising the internet and reading box reviews. There are ladies who dedicate their entire blog to subscription boxes. I can only imagine that their mail boxes are bursting with fun. Their blogs have become a good resource and provide insight on which subscription programs are awesome and what I call “try worthy.” One particular blogger caught my eye with her Love With Food Box review. The products looked fun and interesting. I love trying new foods and ingredients, plus how could I say no to a practically free box. I used a promo code that allowed me to get my first box for only $2. So at 2am I signed myself up and waited for my box to arrive.

Love With Food is a discovery box that is chalked full of new organic, all-natural snacks for $12.00 per month.
The best part about Love With Food is that for every box sold they will donate a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end childhood hunger one meal at a time! It is a total win win, you get tasty snacks for your belly and you get to help put food in a hungry child’s belly. That is what sold me on Love With Food, I knew I needed to sign up and get the box so I to could help feed a hungry child.

So what was in my Scary Delicious Love With Food Box? Why, that is an awesome question! Let’s find out!

Scary Delicious October

*Chocolate Pizzelle Chips from Silk City Snacks
***Light crispy Italian waffle cookies in a 100 calorie pack

*Glee Gum – Triple Berry from Verve Inc.

*New World Caveman Cookies by Caveman Bakery
*** Made with a mix of pumpkin seeds and maple syrup

*Organic Hard Candies from Torie and Howard

*Pixo Pearls from Vinaigerie Gingras

*Happy Squeeze from Happy Family
*** Blueberry, apple, and purple carrot flavor, this has Sophia’s name written all over it.

*Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang

*Kind bar from Kind snacks

All in all this was a great box and I am glad that I signed up. A lot of the brands are new to me and I am excited to try the products. If you know me well you know that I am very big on healthy organic and natural food products, and that I am always in the market for a new favorite. This box is going to be like Christmas on my doorstep every month, I cannot wait for November’s box!

I know you want a Love With Food Box of your very own. Helping feed America’s hungry children is a big job an together we have the power to end it. Every month you will get a box that includes 8 or more healthful snacks for as little as $10.00 per month. Each box or product bought on lovewithfood.com = one meal donated to a hungry child. To get your own box or to learn more please visit http://www.lovewithfood.com for more information.

{I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own}

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AmandaJean is a thriving pulmonary embolism & stroke survivor, passionate Paralegal, Advocate, and Blogger who believes she can change the world one person at a time. She is obsessed with the Law, beauty subscription boxes, collecting costume jewelry, visiting flea markets, Ruby Red Squirt and Candy Corn. World Traveler. Serial Volunteer. Lover of Frank Lloyd Wright, Heart Healthy Living, and good wine. Mama to a Muppet like dog. Aunt to @HalfPintNinja

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