{Hearts On 22} Go Red For Women 2014

imageTomorrow is National Wear Red Day. A day to put a name to a face, a face to a cause, and to put a face to the fight against the #1 killer of women. I never though I would be the very survivor I advocated for. I never thought I would be the 26 year old woman in the ICU bed with wires and IVs coming form all directions. I never thought that at 26 I would become a boss at self injection, managing my INR levels, taking Viagra and numerous other medications with names so long they boggle my mind. It took six long months for my body to fully recover. Six long months of INR checks, CT Scans, ultra sounds, and follow up visits.

In one moment my life changed forever. If I hadn’t listened to my body, I wouldn’t be here today. My gut it what told me to take the Lexington Parkway exit and head back to Woodbury. I honestly don’t know how I made it to Woodwinds health campus. I guess the moment I chose that exit faith took over and got me to where I needed to be. If the ER Doctor had never asked me if I was on birth control, my blood clot would have been missed and I would have been dead within minutes. My stroke was stopped by clot busters, I was able to walk away from a horrible situation. I am the 1 out of 5 who survived. And for that I am forever grateful.

Borrowed time is what I’m living on, I escaped death to live another day. I vowed right then and there that my life would be different. That I would make a difference and prevent others from going through my fate. Over the past almost 5 years I have met so many women that had no idea there birth control had deadly side effects. I, I am changing that one woman at a time. I was given the chance to meet with law makers in DC, and have traveled the country sharing my story and educating women on the dangerous heart related side affects of hormonal contraceptives.

I am going RED for all of my stroke survivor sisters, for all of those who lost the battle and for those who are winning the war. NO WOMAN DESERVES TO FIGHT ALONE! Join me! Join me and show the world that Heart Disease, Heart attacks, and Stroke matter and that we will not give up until there is a cure.

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