IPSY Gone Wrong, Be A BombShell Should Be Ashamed

MascaraEvery month I eagerly await for the sneak peak posts, stalk my tracking number, and practically tackle my mail man when the shiny pink envelope arrives. I love Ipsy, it is such a fun concept and a great way to sample new products at an affordable price. For $10 a month one gets a whole lot of awesome in her monthly Ipsy Glam Bag. The typical bag contains 5 products, most of which are considered full-sized or deluxe sized samples. Ipsy has a lot of well known brands in there bags and a wide variety of products.

It seems that with each bag someone out there finds something to complain about. They don’t like the consistency of a product, fake eyelashes, the shade of a product, or as of late the scent. I’m not one to buy into the terrible product smell hype. I figure people complain so they can get something for free or to create an internet witch hunt. However this month, its not hype its actual truth.

The June Glam Bag contains a full-sized Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara and I was super excited when I saw the product in my Glam room. I could not wait for my bag to arrive and well my excitement was quickly dashed to disappointment. The mascara smells horrid, as in burn your nose hairs off horrid. The scent thou extremely unpleasant was very familiar to me. Along MN highway 52 sits a fuel refinery called “Pine Bend.” I literally felt like I was in my Prius with the windows down driving by the refinery. I don’t need to go for a drive, I just pull of the damn cap to smell the refinery.

What gets me is this, I understand that somehow Ipsy is able to provide this service to us for $10 a month. I am sure they work out deals with companies to obtain full-sized products at a good value without taking a profit loss. I think its great, especially since Ipsy is a woman owned company out of San Francisco. However I am not down with putting the health of your customers at risk. Something tells me that the Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara did not pass their quality control departments test and they were left with a foul smelling product that they could not sell. Everyone loves a profit so I am sure they sold it to Ipsy for less than it was worth just so they could wash their hands of the bad batch.

Facebook was swirling with reports of horribly scented Be A Bombshell product and soon enough they posted a response on their company Facebook page. BeABombShell Post This response is complete Bull Shit, as in how do you expect your consumer to put foul smelling mascara on their eyelashes. Some women have reported a burning sensation on their eyelids when they applied the Be A Bombshell Mascara that they received in the Ipsy bag. Yet as a company they are claiming that the horrible smell is completely normal and that they chose to leave the fragrance out. Or maybe the fragrance was simply forgotten to be added into this batch and they knew there would be backlash if they sold it to consumers. So instead of selling it to a consumer, they found a company to buy it and that company could take the blame for the bad product. When a problem occurs we always go back to the source to get resolution, in this case Ipsy is our source. Ipsy is getting the brunt of the backlash while Be A Bombshell is washing their hands of there horribly smelling product. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash your hands, you are still going to stink Bombshell.

Ipsy is not free from blame and they to need to put people before profits. If I were Michelle Phan (she is the CEO and Founder of Ipsy) I would be ashamed of myself and my company. I bet she would not even touch this foul smelling shit and would probably throw it away. Yet, it was deemed safe for us to use and we were told its perfectly fine. Ya know PG&E told the citizens of Hinkley CA, that Chromium 6 was perfectly fine and that it wouldn’t hurt them. Well long story short it was determined that Chromium 6 was detrimental to humans, and an entire town took on PG&E and won. Just because a company claims a product/chemical is safe doesn’t mean its safe for human consumption or use.

Be A Bombshell and Ipsy, just do us all a favor and own it. Own your foul smelling mascara and just come out and say “we off loaded a bad batch to Ipsy.” Fix it and send us your normal version of the Lash Out Mascara. Because as of right now, I don’t want to buy any of your products and I am quiet fearful of them at the moment. Don’t be a PG&E, or a Merck, or a Monsanto or a Ford Pinto, just own your shit and fix it. Otherwise your customers are going to lose faith in your brand and you will not be able to gain new customers to make up for the loss in profits, because you have a bad reputation.

15 thoughts on “IPSY Gone Wrong, Be A BombShell Should Be Ashamed

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  2. I agree with this whole post. They have another post in a comment I saw that says (partially):

    “Thank you for your patience as we have retested Lash Out batch 0310. We are happy to report that our testing laboratory has informed us that there is no harmful bacteria in Lash Out batch 0310.”

    While going on babbling about being in partners with Ipsy and how Ipsy would handle it from there on out and to discontinue use if you experienced irritation. Sigh. Ipsy takes the fall for this one, apologizing on their behalf and doing all the grunt work.

    For some reason, I am doubting that they actually tested the batch thoroughly. A mascara should not reek that bad, while giving many people reactions. I’m one of them and had some of my lashes fall out with minimal swelling along the lash line. If it’s safe, I don’t understand how a mascara can do that, especially since my eyes are nowhere near sensitive and I can handle just about any product put on them.

    Several other Ipsy subscribers have complained about receiving a product that was old and dried, and some getting ones with no brushes to even apply it with. Seems like a bad batch that was just screwed up all around sitting somewhere, waiting for someone to take it off their hands and into ours (safe or not).

    I contacted Be A Bombshell directly through e-mailing them. I told them how I was an Ipsy subscriber, explained what happened when using their product and asked if they are going to fix it on their end by reformulating or making a public statement/apology. Their reply in short was “We are in partners with Ipsy and are working to resolve the problem. Please contact Ipsy support with your questions and concerns about the product that you received in your Ipsy GlamBag.” Which was baffling considering it’s THEIR product! Sheesh!

    Like you, I am very turned off by this brand. I don’t even want to attempt to test another Be A Bombshell product out anywhere on my body, especially since they can’t own up to their mistake. I have never really been impressed by their products to begin with, but used to give them the benefit of the doubt for being a small company. They should advise all subscribers that received the item to discontinue use and discard it (having a reaction or not) while replacing it with a different product (preferably by a different brand to be honest, although I doubt that happening).

    Great post, by the way. Very informative.

  3. On the Be a Bombshell facebook page they said if you email ipsycare they will somehow make things right with the batch 0310 mascaras.they also explained they didn’t put perfumes or odor neutralizers in the batch they made exclusively for ipsy. hope it helps!

    • You dont have to go around smelling the mascara. You open the tube and it’s all you can smell within a 1 foot radius. It’s HORRIBLE and people are having reactions to it.

  4. You’re seriously bashing Ipsy & Be a Bombshell because you weren’t satisfied with the product? I have received a few products from Ipsy that I absolutely hated but u didn’t go around bashing the company’s. Instead, I was thankful for the opportunity to try a product without having to purchase it. Just because you didn’t like the mascara doesn’t mean you should blame the company. Maybe the product just wasn’t meant for you. I, along with many others, actually loved this mascara. People have exaggerated severely about the “odor” the mascara has. I could only smell it when I put my nose right up to it, which I only did because of all the negative comments I had read about the scent.

    • Why should she NOT bash Be A Bombshell for sending out a product that is defective and smells like chemicals? A product that is giving people chemical burn reactions? Seriously?! Also, just because your mascara doesn’t have as strong of an odor doesn’t mean other people didn’t have a different experience. I received two tubes of this mascara and I can smell it the second I open the tube and it is STRONG!

    • Based on your experience with the fragrance being minimal, I suspect you didn’t receive one of the defective mascaras that was sent. It looks like some Ipsy subscribers received Bombshell mascara that wasn’t off-putting with the fragrance and didn’t cause any kind of reaction. Unfortunately, a significant number of subscribers received mascara that was defective; clearly out of the ordinary and a much lower quality standard than we’ve come to expect from BAB and Ipsy. I was one of them. I tried the mascara (fought through the nearly tear-inducing smell) and my eyes were burning so badly immediately afterwards, I had to wash my face a few minutes after application. My eyes/lids were red and sore for a couple of days following the incident. I have never had a poor reaction to any brand of mascara…and I consider myself to be a bit of a mascara connoisseur! I don’t think anyone’s outright trying to BAB, but it’s understandable that subscribers are frustrated when they use a product deemed “safe” and have half of their eyelashes fall out, or their lids become swollen and their eyes start burning. Fortunately, it sounds like you received one of the mascaras that arrived as it should have. Hopefully, this matter will help improve quality control at BAB (hey, even the best companies have issues that occur).

  5. Now maybe I’m the odd one out, but I always smell my new mascara before I use it. Bad smells equals bad mascara and of course no mascara smells good to begin with. The smell of this mascara was revolting. It almost made me vomit because I felt like I could taste the smell in my throat. I had a feeling that something was definitely wrong and I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like that.

  6. wow, I heard about the smell. At first I thought this was just some people were sensitive or something because mine didn’t smell at all. In fact, after reading about it, I put it up to my nose and only then could I smell a little bit of that chemical smell. I guess I got lucky that I didn’t get a bad batch! I must admit, I thought a lot of people were just over-reacting or over-sensitive, but after reading this I feel bad. Just because it wasn’t what I experienced with the product, doesn’t make it any less of an issue. Good for you and all the other people who called out BAB and Ipsy on this!

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  8. Mine smelled too! Just because the company says a chemical is okay for you doesn’t mean it is… come on everybody knows that. If this smelly crap was free, sure…no big deal, as I would have tossed it immediately. Paying for it though? And having the supplier rush to reference the FDA in their defense? Yeah. Not buying it. I’m 29 and I’ve NEVER smelled something that bad in any kind of makeup. Even if mine didn’t smell icky, i would have tossed it after reading everyone’s feedback on it. Bad customer service, Ipsy.

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