{Ipsy} Face Fashion

“Sit back, relax, and strike a pose.” Ahh September you have finally arrives, the cool air is quietly rushing in, pumpkin spice everything lines the shelves, and I start sneezing, as in really sneezing. Fall is my favorite time of the year, there are apples to eat, pumpkins to carve, and cool nights to cuddleContinue reading “{Ipsy} Face Fashion”

{Ipsy} Summer Lovin’ – July 2015

“We’ll have whatever they’re having. Welcome back, summer, we’ve missed you.” We need to have a heart to heart about Ipsy, I am no longer in love with the glam bag. At one time it was fun and filled with products that I would use, now its just stuff. Yet I cannot find it inContinue reading “{Ipsy} Summer Lovin’ – July 2015”

{Ipsy} Swim into Beauty – June 2015

Hold your breath and get ready to dive in, live deep, and make some waves. Swim into beauty is an interesting theme for the month of June. I happen to shudder at the thought of jumping into a pool with a full face of makeup, mainly because I fear the mascara streaks. But then thereContinue reading “{Ipsy} Swim into Beauty – June 2015”

{Ipsy} Bohemian Spring

“Time to laugh, live, love, and roam free. Ipsy once again out did themselves on their sneak peeks, it left me wanting my bag like right there and now. Unfortunately I had to wait for the mailman. I was super excited to see the TheBlam eye shadow in the sneak peeks, TheBalm just happens toContinue reading “{Ipsy} Bohemian Spring”

{Ipsy} Floral Fantasy

This is what flower power looks like Wake up your imagination with a crazy beautiful explosion of flowers. Vivid shades and inviting textures collide this March. Let the blooms begin. Its March, so that must mean spring is on its way and winter can go fuck off! I get really antsy this time of year,Continue reading “{Ipsy} Floral Fantasy”

{Ipsy} #IpsyLove

“Love is just a word………….. Until you find someone or something to give it meaning. This February we’re celebrating warm hugs, butterflies in your stomach, a new favorite blush, your best friend’s tweets – LOVE in all its wondrous forms and ways to express it.” #IpsyLove CARGO Cosmetics mini lip gloss in Anguilla: Its superContinue reading “{Ipsy} #IpsyLove”

{Ipsy} Fresh Start – January 2015

OMG I cannot believe that I almost forgot to blog about my January glambag. That is like breaking tradition, as I have blogged about every bag that I received. Thank goodness I remembered, cause I sure as heck do not want to find out what happens when one breaks tradition. It’s time to get fresh.Continue reading “{Ipsy} Fresh Start – January 2015”

{Ipsy} Thinking of You – December 2014

Our happy thoughts are filled with YOU this month. Thank you for a 2014 full of beauty, wisdom, and inspiration. You’ve given us so many reasons to smile and look forward to another amazing year ahead. Wow its hard to believe that this is the last Glam Bag of 2014. It also means I haveContinue reading “{Ipsy} Thinking of You – December 2014”

{IPSY} Girl Meets Glitter

Why wait for festive fetes and fancy galas to take things up a sparkle or two? Just add glitter, or a generous pinch of shimmer and shine, to elevate your everyday routine and keep you looking and feeling brilliant. That’s why we packed this month’s Glam Bag with everything you need to leave a littleContinue reading “{IPSY} Girl Meets Glitter”