{Favorite Brands} Not Soap, Radio

Leave it to BirchBox to create an EveryGirl affordable luxuries box that included this amazingly lemon scented soap. The soap was so lemony that it was like my puff magically transformed into a lemon and my worries melted away. Not to mention the tongue and cheek label had me giggling like a mad woman as I soaped up.

I had to know more about the tongue and cheek make a girl giggle like crazy in the shower labels. Turns out that Not Soap, Radio is a good old home grown company that is the brain child of sisters, Laura Cabot and Suzanne Cabot. Laura and Suzanne have created an aromatherapeutic line of products that are affordable and deliciously scented. The Not Soap, Radio product line is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and are never tested on animals. Which you totally know is an A+ in my book, I don’t do chemicals nor do I support animal testing.

Soap is no longer getting the short end of the stick and your shower has just become the hottest spot in town. Well at least my shower is the hottest spot in town. You can ask the muppet like dog, he will vouch for me as he has to put up with my giggling. I have very sensitive skin and I have to be very careful with the soaps that I use as many ingredients can trigger an auto-inflammatory response. No one likes red splotchy skin and it always makes me second guess my outfit. I thought I was doomed to a life of boring unscented bar soaps. Dropping the soap and slipping is for the birds. That all changed the day my August BirchBox showed up on my doorstep and I haven’t looked back.

I traded in my bar and grabbed Not Soap, Radio. My skin, it sent me a thank you note. I bet your body wash doesn’t make you giggle, I know mine does. Oh and my body wash gives me advice and positive affirmations. Each formula is cleverly crafted and scented, each scent is designed to boost your overall sense of well being. How amazing is that!? A body wash that improves your well being all while cleaning you – now that is what I call multitasking!

Let’s talk about Not Soap, Radio!

When life gives you one too many lemons (and you’ve misplaced your happy place…).™
—————————> Joy inducing, if my happy place had a scent this would be it. I am the girl who goes to IKEA and buys a pallet of the lemon scented candles. I love lemon scented things. The scent of lemon reminds me of home and it makes me happy. This body wash definitely puts a bright spot in my day. You need to buy this! Go to: http://www.notsoapradio.com
Liquid Freud (when you need to turn up the volume on your inner voice of reason).™
————————-> This wash is scented with coconut milk with a dash of mango and it is infused with St. John’s Wort for an immediate mood boost. This is the first full-sized Not Soap, Radio product I purchased and it is amazing. I love the scent, it reminds me of tropical beaches, cabana boys, and tiki drinks. If you live in the frigid north then this is a staple for your shower. Go buy it here: http://www.notsoapradio.com I will be checking your shower to make sure your Liquid Freud is front and center.

Image (1)
The Phoenix (when you need to rise from the ashes–yet again).™
———————————>Instant optimism in a bottle! I love plums almost as much as I love lemons. I was intrigued by the scent description: persimmon plum infused with optimism-promoting Bergamot. Oooo that sounds like a bottle full of optimistic nice and I needed it in my life. It smells so good. I catch myself popping the top off and just taking a whiff when I need a little boost. Trust me – it’s that good! You need a boost in your life, go get a boost and rise from the ashes at http://www.notsoapradio.com

Not Soap, Radio Original Hand/Body Lotions TO GO
———————————> Not Soap, Radio’s amusing and delicious scents in a portable pocket sized bottle. I ordered this set because I could not make up my mind and I wanted to try them all. I needed all of the Not Soap, Radio scents in my life and this affordable set did the trick. Holidays are coming and you need a cute little lotion for your purse. Go get it at http://www.notsoapradio.com

I am a Not Soap, Radio fan girl for life. Laura and Suzanne believe in there brand and if you tweet @notsoapradio they will be the ones responding to you. How do I know? They responded to my tweet the other day and I about died with excitement! I told the lady next to me on the bus “OMG Not Soap, Radio just responded to my tweet and they re-tweeted me.” She just looked at me like I was nuts and snarled. I hands down love this brand and I cannot wait to try every single product in the line. Go on now, go get yourself your own Not Soap, Radio. I promise it will change the way you look at showering and leave you feeling dandy!

***I was no compensated for my post. Opinions are my own***

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