{Peaches&Petals} October 2015

October 2015
“Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month. Our love for fabulously flattering fashionable jewelry and accessories define our style, but we also love a variety of beauty samples to help us keep our look. We live a life well-loved, and love things that help us enjoy every moment. Don’t worry about shopping, let us do it for you. Our team will source relentlessly for fabulous products, so you just get to kick back, relax, and experience Peaches & Petals when it gets to your door!”

Last month I kicked Ipsy to the curb and was on the search for a new subscription box to fill the void. I saw a review for Peaches and Petals and I knew it was love at first sight. I had to have their box in my life, they had me at vintage, so I trucked on over to their site and signed myself up. Peaches and Petals is a new lifestyle subscription box for $14.99 a month, which in my book is a gosh darn good deal. I managed to find a coupon code and snagged my first box for $7.50. I figured if the box sucked, heck I’d only be out $7.50 which is no big deal. The Peaches & Petals site offers easy cancellation if you are not satisfied.

October 15

Peaches & Petal’s October sneak peek guaranteed that each box would include an Elizabeth Arden Tote that was to be valued at $40.00, sweet that’s cool, I can always use a tote bag. I was not a fan of the color combo of the tote, however I was getting a $40 item in a $14.99 subscription box, I wasn’t going to turn it down or complain. When I opened my box something seemed a miss, the Elizabeth Arden tote had a tag on it that said “YOUR GIFT.” This seemed a little strange to me and I hit up my BFF Google to learn more.

Oct 2015

Google told me that the Elizabeth Arden tote bag was not meant to be sold, it had no retail value because it was offered as a free gift with a $42 Elizabeth Arden fragrance purchase. So Peaches & Petal’s “$40.00” value was a lie, in reality it has no retail value. This was the tip of the iceberg with the products and my excitement dwindled. We will get to the rest of the details in a moment, so far it’s not looking good for Peaches & Petals, cute name but ugh not so cute box.

Oct 15

Peaches & Petals – October 2015

Elizabeth Arden Tote: Valued at “$40.00”, Beautiful bag with plenty of room, water-resistant exterior, all with a lovely color combination.
———————————–>The tote bag is not available on the Elizabeth Arden website, the only place I could find this bag for sale was on ebay for $9.99 and not $40.00

Anne Taintor Sassy Magnetic Postcard: our sassy snarky side came out when we saw these! We knew you had to have it.
———————————–> This was a cute item, mine was not snarky thou. It is something I would not normally pick out for myself, I slapped it on the fridge, so hey I’m using it.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish: stay polished add to your collection and try something new this season.
———————————-> I received Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Crushed. The color is a nice apricot hue. I did a little research the color I received is no longer sold on the Sally Hansen website. In addition one of the ladies in a makeup group that I belong to, told me that the bottle I received is actually the old Xtreme wear formula that was discontinued around 2011. Yes it is literally 3 years old. I am not going to use it because I do not know if this product is safe.

Barielle Pro Essentials Skin Care – Day Cream: Pamper your skin with the Barielle essentials skincare line! We love this product, and loved the size of the jar – no sample here!
——————————-> Where to begin on this one. First off the day cream I received was not sealed and there were no directions on how to apply it on the container. I am always a little leery of products that are not sealed, so the paralegal in me did a little research. The day cream is no longer available for sale on the Barielle website and wasn’t sold on any mass retailer website either. Not even Ulta, nor Target, nor Walmart, nor Sephora had it for sale. The only place I could find this product was in variety three pack that was for sale on amazon. I called Peaches & Petals out on their facebook page and they admitted to breaking up a three pack and putting a product in each subscribers box. Peaches and Petals claim that the product is not expired and that it is safe for use. However I personally will not use any product that is not sealed and does not have directions, this to me is an incredible fail.

Smash Box Trio Eyeshadow – Glow On: who doesn’t love a premium line of Smash Box eyeshadow? Get your GLOW ON – perfect for everyday!
—————————->Again this product is not even for sale on the Smash Box website. Mine happened to come covered in glitter and lint, again it was not sealed. Some are saying that this is a counterfeit product, I can’t speak to that because I am not a Smash Box guru. However I do know when something isn’t right and this shadow just ain’t right. Its made in China and some ladies are saying that this apart of a set that Smash Box had back in 2009, which to me means “old makeup!”

Unfortunately, I have to give Peaches & Petals a big ass thumbs down. This was my first month and besides the postcard magnet, its an epic fail. They are a brand new subscription service and they are starting off on a really bad foot. I understand that they are trying to send out a high value box with a low price tag, but there are other ways to do it, than sending discontinued products. Peaches & Petals is owned by a company called Jammin Butter, that specializes in bringing you high end items for very little money. They buy large lots of discontinued products and resell them for a markup on their website, or in this case put them in their subscription box. When I emailed Peaches & Petals the customer service rep Miranda was very defensive and ignored most of my concerns. Which isn’t a good sign, as of to date the complaints are mounting on their facebook page and they have to issue an apology or an explanation on where the products came from.

If you want to give Peaches & Petals a shot go to http://peachesandpetals.com and use coupon code “PEACHADDICT” for 50% off your first month. The subscription auto renews each month at $14.99. Remember subscribe with caution. I am going to take the bullet for us and let my subscription roll through December, if they do not clean up their act they are getting the boot!

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