{Target Beauty Box} October 2015

October 2015
“Must-haves. Can’t-live-withouts. Obsessions. As purveyors of all-things beauty, we at Target Beauty like to keep a lookout for what’s new and now. We’ve put together a few of our faves – all in one convenient box for you to try for yourself. Test’em out and tell us what you think. And if you love them as much as we do, find full-size versions at target.com/beautybox.”

It seems that Target is moving towards offering a monthly beauty box. They haven’t made any official announcement, however Target has been consistently offering a new box every month since July. The products differ from month to month and as always they are available on a first click first serve basis. The Target boxes usually sell out within a few hours of going live on the site, so you have to be on top of it otherwise dear you will miss out. The price has ranged from $5.00 to $10.00 per month. The higher the value of the box, the more the box will cost. At $5 to $10 the Target Beauty Box is a great deal. Best part is all of the products that are included in the box can be purchased at your local Target store.

Oct 2015

“So what did you get in your October Target Beauty Box?!” Let’s unbox it and find out!!

October 15
Target Beauty Box – October 2015

Goody Ouchless Silicone Lined Elastics: made without metal for reduced snags & pulls.
————————> One can never own enough elastics, I love that this item was included in the box. I will definitely put these to use.

Covergirl Intensify Me Eyeliner 300: intense black formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly for instant drama.
——————————->*****BEEP BEEP FULLSIZED PRODUCT ALERT BEEP BEEP!!!! VALUE $6.99*******Not an eyeliner kind of girl, so this will go straight to the give away pile.

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick: velvety soft formula moisturizes with shea butter and alone for color that last; available in 20 shades
————————> ****BEEP BEEP FULLSIZED PRODUCT ALERT BEEP BEEP!!!! VALUE $8.59****** I received high heels which is a very light pink. First off how cute is the name, I think its fun. The shade high heels is perfect for day and work, if you are a barely there color kind of girl.

RoC Deep Wrinkle Deep Night Cream: lightweight retinol treatment hydrates skin cells and helps reduce the appearance of expression lines and deep wrinkles
———————————->*****BEEP BEEP FULLSIZED PRODUCT ALERT BEEP BEEP!!!! VALUE $20.49*******Holy buckets Target included a $20 full-sized product in the box! I have been using this since I received it and I love it. The formula is light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin. I do not have expression lines yet, but I have notices that my skin is smoother and brighter in the morning. It is a winner in my book.

Acure Morrocan Argan Oil + Stem Cell Triple Repair Shampoo: organic argan oil provides moisture for even the most damaged hair, leaving it soft & manageable
—————————————————–> I have been a fan of the Acure brand since I first got a sample from Birchbox. It tickles me silly to see that they are expanding into hair care, I would love to see an organic sulfate free curly hair shampoo from them in the future. This shampoo smells awesome and it left my hair feeling soft and light.

Acure Morrocan Argan Oil + Stem Cell Triple Repair Conditioner: organic argan oil provides moisture for even the most damaged hair, leaving it soft & manageable
—————————————————> Conditioners are shampoos BFF, this one is very light weight, a little bit of product goes a mighty long way. It left my hair feeling soft and light, bonus it smells amazing too!

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter: super-rich formula quenches dry, parched skin
———————————————–> I am a Minnesota girls and when the temps turn to cold we go a running for the lotion isle at Target. In the winter our skin gets so dry and crackly, body butters are our saving grace. I love the skinfix hand cream and this for a body butter is pretty sweet. It has the think consistency, however it absorbs quickly into the skin without that annoying greasy feeling.

Hello Toothpaste: dye-free, sugar-free paste safely polishes teeth and freshens breath
———————————-> Wait!? What? Umm shouldn’t all toothpaste be sugar free? I thought sugar was a no no for teeth……………….no I am questioning my tooth paste, I think it might be betraying me and secretly hiding sugar in the ingredient list.

Olly Beauty Vitamins: an expert blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and collagen that promote healthy eyes, skin & hair
———————————> Grapefruit, they are grapefruit flavored and sadly I AJ had to spit them out, I couldn’t stomach chewing on them, they tasted yucky. Yucky, AJ no buy the full size of these vitamins.

S.W. Basics Certified Organic Body Scrub: gentle exfoliation & deep hydration made from three simple ingredients, sugar, coconut oil & shredded coconut
———————————> I am confused by this product, it is a powder, so I am guessing we need to mix it with water or just plain old apply dry and rub rub in the shower? I should probably read the directions first before I jump in the shower.

Target you out did yourselves. I have to say this is hands down the best most well thought out box to come out of the bulls eye. I am blown away at how practical the items are and that every product in the box is affordable. There is literally something for every girl in the October box and the best part is if you love the sample size you can stroll on over to your local Target to by the full-size product. I can do it on my lunch because I work in downtown Minneapolis, be jealous I can just walk right on over to the flagship corporate Target store (its huge! 2 floors of glorious Targetness! plus they have a cartalater!!!) which is always loads of fun.

The Target Beauty Box is not a subscription service, they are first come first served, if they are sold out then you my friends are out of luck. I just checked target.com and the October box is out of stock. For $10 this box is a great deal, that is if you can get your hands on one, they always sellout like hotcakes. So don’t sit on the beauty fence when you see them, just throw it in your virtual cart and call it a day!

***I was no compensated for my post. Opinions are my own***

{BirchBox} Positive Force

October 2015“At Birchbox, we know firsthand the power of beauty to inspire confidence, to change your mood, and to plain ol’ make you happy. This October, we’re harnessing the power of beauty in a different way: to raise money and awareness for an important cause. We’ve partnered with The Estee` Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to found one year of breast cancer lab research hours.

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent health issues women face, affecting 1 in 8. That number is astounding. We’re proud to support a cause with dollars, awareness, and volunteer hours. We hope you’ll join us-and that you love what’s in this (very pink) box!”

Show me a woman who has not been touched by breast cancer? Everyone of us knows someone or has heard of someone who is battling the disease. Breast Cancer crept into my life when I was just 5, I didn’t understand what it was, I just knew that it meant you go to funerals. In 1987 my father’s sister Cherie Leigh lost her battle with breast cancer. I was robbed of my Auntie, a woman who I resemble to a “T”. The only thing I have of her is an old baby blanket that she lovingly cross stitched for me. I was to little to remember the times I met her or what she looked like, I only know her through my father’s memories. Yet in her death I found a bond, I know she loved me and that she is always with me, no matter where I go.

October 15
Ms. Barb, my mama’s dear friend beat breast cancer, she was with us for many years. She was and will always be my Avon lady. Ms. Barb died unexpectedly in January due to complications from an enlarged heart. She was the battle, but not war. My mama and I miss her every day. Ms. Barb taught me everything I know about makeup and skincare, she sparked my love of skincare products and makeup. I hear her voice in my head every time I pick a new shadow “child you are pale stick with taupes and pinks and you will never go wrong.” Ms. Barb was very right, taupes and pinks make my eyes sparkle.

Now lets get to this months box! I know this is why you trotted on over to my little corner of the world.

Oct 15

Positive Force – October 2015

Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask: This green clay mask helps shed weekly dirt and grime, activating stem cells and revitalizing skin cells.
——————————-> Acure had me at the directions, the bottle literally states “smooth onto face and neck until you look like a green sea monster.” Like hello, that right there alone will make you giggle and put a smile on your mug. I have been a fan of the Acure brand for a while now and this mask lives up to their name. It is amazing and left my skin feeling smooth and sparkly clean. Bonus the price point is $12.99, so all of us can afford a little luxury in our lives.

Calypso St. Barth: Inspired by desert evenings, this is a spicy and exotic blend of coconut, violet, and sandlewood

Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream: This lightweight, ceramide-packed cream calms and deeply hydrates skin

Parlor by Jeff Chastin Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo: a lightweight sulfate-free cleanser infused with softening and strengthening ingredients

Parlor by Jeff Chastin Moisturizing & Repairing Conditioner: makes hair soft, smooth, and shiny without weighting it down

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara: all natural pro-grade mascara that lifts and lengthens lashes without chemicals or dyes

This months box was really really great. I got introduced to a new product from Acure and to an all natural mascara. I like to cut the chemicals from my life where ever I can. So all natural beauty products are a huge bonus to me.

Birch Box is a beauty and lifestyle subscription box program that costs $10.00 per month. For every dollar you spend in the shop you can earn 1 point. 100 points will get you a free birch box or $10 towards a purchase in the shop at birchbox.com. I know you’ve got friends so why not refer those friends to Birch box and earn a few points for doing so. If you would like to learn more and get a Birch Box of your very own go to http://www.birchbox.com for more information.

***I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own***

{Peaches&Petals} October 2015

October 2015
“Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month. Our love for fabulously flattering fashionable jewelry and accessories define our style, but we also love a variety of beauty samples to help us keep our look. We live a life well-loved, and love things that help us enjoy every moment. Don’t worry about shopping, let us do it for you. Our team will source relentlessly for fabulous products, so you just get to kick back, relax, and experience Peaches & Petals when it gets to your door!”

Last month I kicked Ipsy to the curb and was on the search for a new subscription box to fill the void. I saw a review for Peaches and Petals and I knew it was love at first sight. I had to have their box in my life, they had me at vintage, so I trucked on over to their site and signed myself up. Peaches and Petals is a new lifestyle subscription box for $14.99 a month, which in my book is a gosh darn good deal. I managed to find a coupon code and snagged my first box for $7.50. I figured if the box sucked, heck I’d only be out $7.50 which is no big deal. The Peaches & Petals site offers easy cancellation if you are not satisfied.

October 15

Peaches & Petal’s October sneak peek guaranteed that each box would include an Elizabeth Arden Tote that was to be valued at $40.00, sweet that’s cool, I can always use a tote bag. I was not a fan of the color combo of the tote, however I was getting a $40 item in a $14.99 subscription box, I wasn’t going to turn it down or complain. When I opened my box something seemed a miss, the Elizabeth Arden tote had a tag on it that said “YOUR GIFT.” This seemed a little strange to me and I hit up my BFF Google to learn more.

Oct 2015

Google told me that the Elizabeth Arden tote bag was not meant to be sold, it had no retail value because it was offered as a free gift with a $42 Elizabeth Arden fragrance purchase. So Peaches & Petal’s “$40.00” value was a lie, in reality it has no retail value. This was the tip of the iceberg with the products and my excitement dwindled. We will get to the rest of the details in a moment, so far it’s not looking good for Peaches & Petals, cute name but ugh not so cute box.

Oct 15

Peaches & Petals – October 2015

Elizabeth Arden Tote: Valued at “$40.00”, Beautiful bag with plenty of room, water-resistant exterior, all with a lovely color combination.
———————————–>The tote bag is not available on the Elizabeth Arden website, the only place I could find this bag for sale was on ebay for $9.99 and not $40.00

Anne Taintor Sassy Magnetic Postcard: our sassy snarky side came out when we saw these! We knew you had to have it.
———————————–> This was a cute item, mine was not snarky thou. It is something I would not normally pick out for myself, I slapped it on the fridge, so hey I’m using it.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish: stay polished add to your collection and try something new this season.
———————————-> I received Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Crushed. The color is a nice apricot hue. I did a little research the color I received is no longer sold on the Sally Hansen website. In addition one of the ladies in a makeup group that I belong to, told me that the bottle I received is actually the old Xtreme wear formula that was discontinued around 2011. Yes it is literally 3 years old. I am not going to use it because I do not know if this product is safe.

Barielle Pro Essentials Skin Care – Day Cream: Pamper your skin with the Barielle essentials skincare line! We love this product, and loved the size of the jar – no sample here!
——————————-> Where to begin on this one. First off the day cream I received was not sealed and there were no directions on how to apply it on the container. I am always a little leery of products that are not sealed, so the paralegal in me did a little research. The day cream is no longer available for sale on the Barielle website and wasn’t sold on any mass retailer website either. Not even Ulta, nor Target, nor Walmart, nor Sephora had it for sale. The only place I could find this product was in variety three pack that was for sale on amazon. I called Peaches & Petals out on their facebook page and they admitted to breaking up a three pack and putting a product in each subscribers box. Peaches and Petals claim that the product is not expired and that it is safe for use. However I personally will not use any product that is not sealed and does not have directions, this to me is an incredible fail.

Smash Box Trio Eyeshadow – Glow On: who doesn’t love a premium line of Smash Box eyeshadow? Get your GLOW ON – perfect for everyday!
—————————->Again this product is not even for sale on the Smash Box website. Mine happened to come covered in glitter and lint, again it was not sealed. Some are saying that this is a counterfeit product, I can’t speak to that because I am not a Smash Box guru. However I do know when something isn’t right and this shadow just ain’t right. Its made in China and some ladies are saying that this apart of a set that Smash Box had back in 2009, which to me means “old makeup!”

Unfortunately, I have to give Peaches & Petals a big ass thumbs down. This was my first month and besides the postcard magnet, its an epic fail. They are a brand new subscription service and they are starting off on a really bad foot. I understand that they are trying to send out a high value box with a low price tag, but there are other ways to do it, than sending discontinued products. Peaches & Petals is owned by a company called Jammin Butter, that specializes in bringing you high end items for very little money. They buy large lots of discontinued products and resell them for a markup on their website, or in this case put them in their subscription box. When I emailed Peaches & Petals the customer service rep Miranda was very defensive and ignored most of my concerns. Which isn’t a good sign, as of to date the complaints are mounting on their facebook page and they have to issue an apology or an explanation on where the products came from.

If you want to give Peaches & Petals a shot go to http://peachesandpetals.com and use coupon code “PEACHADDICT” for 50% off your first month. The subscription auto renews each month at $14.99. Remember subscribe with caution. I am going to take the bullet for us and let my subscription roll through December, if they do not clean up their act they are getting the boot!

{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Fall 2015

Fall 2015
“A defining line here. A splash of color there. Every woman has her own unique way of showing the beauty within her. At Walmart, you’ll discover the latest products and most trusted brands at our low prices. Every day.”

Ahh September you have finally arrives, the cool air is quietly rushing in, pumpkin spice everything lines the shelves, and I start sneezing, as in really sneezing. Fall is my favorite time of the year, there are apples to eat, pumpkins to carve, and cool nights to cuddle in. Fall brings change, each fall I grow older and tick off one more year of survival, in the fall I find comfort in the changes around me.

Fall means switching up my beauty routine and prepping my skin for winter. I start putting away my light summer formulas and pull out my heavy duty moisturizers. My tan starts to fade and my skin loses its luster, fall I love you, but you are not good for my skin. Fall is also tights weather, I love wearing tights with my dresses and pulling out my heavier cardigans and blazers, not to mention my plethora of ballet flats too. Walmart happens to be my go to spot for stocking up on my fall beauty needs and ballet flats. Oh and not to mention I am now obsessed with the Pioneer Woman’s collection, which lives at walmart. So yes I have lots of reasons to go to Walmart.

“So AJ what did you get in your Fall Walmart box?

Fall 15

Walmart Quarterly Beauty Box – Fall 2015

Dove Advanced care beauty finish 48 hour deodorant

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Aussie Mega Hairspray – 24HR flexible hold in 1 spray

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razor

ACT Advanced Care Anti-gingivitis/Anti-plaque Mouthwash

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion
Crest 3D White Brilliance Fluoride Toothpaste for anti-cavity and anti-gingivitis
Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask
Jeregens Wet Skin Moisturizer

I felt that Walmart was trying to tell me something with this months box. Ya know that maybe I have bad breath, I stink, need shave my legs, and they threw in the mascara to make me feel better. Its stuff that I will definitely use, who doesn’t need extra deodorant and razors. Those are like the staples of womanhood, a girl has gotta have smooth legs and nice smelling pits. Well you can hide those non-shaved legs during the winter months, that is why God gave us tights ladies!!!!

Do you want a $5.00 quarterly Walmart Beauty Box of your very own. Oh! Come on now, get over yourself and hop on over to https://beautybox.walmart.com. Your box is waiting for you and trust me you will not regret that you signed up! The box ships every three months and the next box will be winter.

***I was not compensated for this post. Reviews are my own.*****

{BirchBox} Better Together

September 2015
“Five years ago, we started Birchbox because we believed in a better way to discover the best in beauty. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for joining us on this amazing journey!”

Yay! September you have finally arrived. How nice of you to join the party. I happen to love fall and everything except for pumpkin spice that goes with it. I love the cooler nights, short days, beautiful leaves fill out the trees, apples for eating, and pumpkins for carving. Not to mention my birthday and my favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner. Fall it totally my jam and I cannot get enough of it. Well that is until my allergies are in full swing and I cannot speak because I sneeze 24/7, then I’m over it.

September 15
Fall means switching up my beauty routine and prepping my skin for winter. I start putting away my light summer formulas and pull out my heavy duty moisturizers. My tan starts to fade and my skin loses its luster, fall I love you, but you are not good for my skin. Fall is also tights weather, I love wearing tights with my dresses and pulling out my heavier cardigans and blazers, not to mention my plethora of ballet flats too. In MN we know our days are numbered and that mother nature will be dumping the all to familiar white stuff on us soon. So we reveal in the short days sunshine, cuddle on the cold nights, and count our blessings.

Sept 15

Enough about my fall obsession lets get to this months box!

“So AJ what did you get in your September Birchbox?”

Sept 2015

Better Together – September 2015

(Malin + Goetz) Grapefruit face cleanser: this citrusy cleanser dissolves dirt and oil, clears up breakouts, and balances skins natural pH.
————————–>This is such a great cleanser. It is a light weight gel formula, that has a nice citrus scent, and it works into a nice cleansing lather. It powered through my makeup and left my skin feeling clean. I will definitely be buying the full-sized product in the future.

*******BONUS******* (Malin + Goetz) vitamin e face moisturizer: oil free formula that nourishes all skin types with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
————————–> Foil packet! but hey it counted towards my point total. I got 10 points for reviewing it.

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo: enriched with olive oil and rice protein, this formula smooths frizzed-out and tangle proned hair.
————————–>As you all know by now I am a huge fan of the Davines brand and this shampoo lives up to their name. It smells so good and it tamed my frizz.This was my September sample choice item and I could not be happier. The Davines sample size is amazing, you get a little 2oz bottle, those 2oz go a long long way too.

*******BONUS******* Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner: calms frizz thanks to Minuta Oliveit’s rich with fatty acids, providing moisture and shine.
————————–> Foil packet, but who cares its Davines condition which is also amazing. Plus I got 10 points for reviewing my little foil packet.

NERD Skincare Super Hydrating Mask: lightweight mask enhanced with hyaluronic acid for a more youthful, smoother complexion.

POP Beauty Portfolio Eye shadow – Sugar Plum: a trifecta of long-wearing, blendable eyeshadows in bold, pigmented purples
————————–> The colors in this little set are so fall, purple just screams fall to me.

Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel: the sweet orange and cedar gel foams up into a thick lather, moisturizing, and nourishing skin.
————————-> The name alone made my smile, instantly pictured a little fat smiling Buddha. At first I though the scent was going to be a little on the manly side, however I was pleasantly surprised, it is amazing. I like that the scent is spicy and sweet, it is not over powering and light. You only need a little bit to create a nice lather, it left my skin feeling soft. Plus the sample size is huge for Birchbox standards.

I will admit, this was a gosh darn down right awesome box! My sample sizes were huge this month, well except for the two foil packets, but who cares when my samples were huge. Birchbox always sends out a great box during their anniversary month. Not to mention, the box was beautiful and it carried such a positive message “You’re Beautifl.” So many women need to hear and see that in their lives, all of us are beautiful and no one can take that away from you.

Birch Box is a beauty and lifestyle subscription box program that costs $10.00 per month. For every dollar you spend in the shop you can earn 1 point. 100 points will get you a free birch box or $10 towards a purchase in the shop at birchbox.com. I know you’ve got friends so why not refer those friends to Birch box and earn a few points for doing so. If you would like to learn more and get a Birch Box of your very own go to http://www.birchbox.com for more information.

***I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own***

{Charlie} Ruin Is A Gift

Love 2015
A few weeks back I was sitting in a park sipping on a berry white mocha with a dear friend when she brought up the fact that I no longer write about Charlie. She asked me “Do you not love him anymore AJ? Do you not miss him anymore?” The thing about loss is we never stop loving or missing someone. There are moments where I wish he would just pop up and start spewing advice that I don’t think I need. Charlie will always be apart of me and there is no removing him from my story. Charlie showed me and taught me what love was. He allowed me to put faith into another human being, he allowed me to move in a space that I didn’t even understand. The greatest lessons, those lessons came after his death. Ruin is a gift, it allows us to travel the road of transformation.

Earlier in the summer I sat at my sister’s kitchen table playing connect four with Sophia. As I dropped my black checker in the slot, I studied her face, how excited she was, how she knew she was about to win (I let her win), and about how Charlie would give anything to be here. I quickly wiped my tears away so she wouldn’t see and plopped the checker in the slot. It had been three years since I played a game of connect four and I could have sworn Charlie was in the room with us. I thought about Charlie as I held my nephew in my arms, about how he got cheated out of holding his brother Coleman’s babies and of how those babies got cheated out of an uncle.

Life it is unfair, there is no way around that fact, life is not kind to the soul. Some of us have to travel roads littered with loss, while others travel road littered with promise and certainty. I will take the harder road, because on that road I am living, as in truly living. Uncertainty reminds me to live in each moment, to breath in each moment, and to appreciate each day I am allowed to face the sun. No ones tomorrow is promised, all of us are ticking clocks and only fate knows when the last hand will strike. Almost dying taught me to live this way, to live in the here and now and to travel on the road less taken. Losing Lucia taught me that it was ok to be angry with God and it also reminded me that God knows what he is doing.

God does not desert us in the muck of our lives, he stays the course and sees that we come out of the muck changed. Losing Lucia prepare me for losing my second pregnancy. This time I was not angry, in it I found hope. The doctors were wrong. I have hope. Hope, that my body can and will support a growing pregnancy. It was a genetic accident, two sperm fertilized one egg and it just wasn’t meant to be. I walked away from this with faith that my 3rd time and Jay’s 2nd time will be the charm.

Charming, that is one word to describe Charlie, he had his quirks and his skills, but in the end he was charming. He took a broken woman and loved her back to health. In away I think Charlie knew that fate was not on his side and that he was preparing me to be another man’s wife. He died loving me and for that I am forever grateful. Charlie taught me to believe in love again and he reminded me of how to love someone. I had to learn how to love myself before I could love another person. I had to heal myself before I could even think about helping someone else heal. I had to just be, to just be in the moment and love being alone with the person in the mirror.

Love, I never lost her she was always there waiting in he shadows and when I was ready I opened my heart. Fate had a hand, an opportunity to love fell into my inbox on Veteran’s Day. That one email lead me to Jay, a man that I love and understand with all of my heart. His ability to be raw and open is what captured my heart. He is not perfect, then again no buddy is, yet he was exactly what I needed. Jay slipped a silver band on my finger in a motel swimming pool, in that moment his eyes were brimming with love and fear. We all fear what we cannot see, or touch or know, yet in those moments of fear we let the light and love shine through. In those moments we become our best selves and open our hearts to those around us.

Charlie is always with me and a part of my heart will always belong to him. Even thou he is dead, Charlie is still teaching me from the grave. Every now and then I look up at the stars and whisper the constellations to a man I cannot see. That man will be honored when I marry Jay, when we give our future child the middle name Rae, when I take Sophia to Paris and each day that I live the best life possible. Charlie would want me to be happy. Charlie would want me to live a life outside of the shadow of grief and to have the love that he never got to have. An I am doing just that, I am fine with the fact that change is constant and that I cannot control fate. I am deeply in love, I am hopeful, and I am present in this life.

{Ipsy} Face Fashion

September 2015
“Sit back, relax, and strike a pose.”

Ahh September you have finally arrives, the cool air is quietly rushing in, pumpkin spice everything lines the shelves, and I start sneezing, as in really sneezing. Fall is my favorite time of the year, there are apples to eat, pumpkins to carve, and cool nights to cuddle in. Fall brings change, each fall I grow older and tick off one more year of survival, in the fall I find comfort in the changes around me.

Change is needed. This will be my last Ipsy review, I AmandaJean have shown Ipsy the curb. I know its only $10.00 but I am tired of hoarding baskets of useless crap. I have changed my style profile a million times and to no avail nothing changed. At first it was amazing, I received stuff that was perfect for me and each month I would eagerly stock my mail box waiting for the pink envelope to arrive. I now just roll my eyes and say “really that is what you are sending me…………………..boring and useless!”

As of late Ipsy keeps on recycling the same brands and concepts. A girl can only have so many taupe eye shadows, bright orange lipsticks, and curl enhancing creams. I mean come on, a girl with very curly hair does not need a spray that will give her beachy waves. Also I have nothing against taupe, I love taupe its a great color, just when you have a bunch of them it gets old. Orange based bright red lipsticks are not meant for every girl on this earth. I am pale, bright red or very dark purple hued lipsticks look horrible on me.

Anyways enough of my rant, I believe in being honest and want to assist you in choosing the right subscription box for you. Lets get to the bag……………………

“So AJ, What did you get in your Face Fashion Glam Bag?”