{Julep} New Year, Fresh Look

January 2016

No matter what you resolve to do in the new year, hydration should always be a priority. In our January collection you’ll find moisturizing lip crayons in right-now hues, and a luxe hydrating crème that’s formulated for anywhere your skin wants it. But first, let’s talk color.

I don’t know how you spent your New Years Eve, I spent mine in an eggplant colored dress, filled my face at the buffet, and cuddled up next to Jay watching the ball drop. It was a great night and it was totally us. Jay and I are not huge party people, we rather have a party on the couch in our PJs with our fur babies. I love the New Year, there is a whole host of new beauty products and trends on the horizon. Plus its a clean slate, your beauty blunders are so last year.

Julep is such an innovative company with a carefully curated product line that aims to please and helps you feel your best beautiful. The polishes are 5-free, no harsh chemicals will be found in their pretty square bottles and no to mention the colors are named after real women. How cool is that, maybe one day there will be an “AJ” polish, a girl can dream.

Enough babbling, lets dive right into the New Year, Fresh Look collection!


Julep, January 2016 – New Year, Fresh Look

No Limits Luxe Hydrating Creme: is a universal moisturizer that laughs in the face of dry winter skin while soothing any place you decide to put it.
————–No Limits includes a cool packaging perk: A push-button airless delivery system to dispense the just-right amount while keeping the crème inside free from impurities. What will they think of next?

Julep Lip Gloss in Splendid: a sheer heirloom rose shimmer
———————-> I said it earlier but Julep truly is an amazing company! I had a stroke a few years back and my grip isn’t the greatest, I drop a lot of shit. I can’t prevent it nor can I predict when my grip is going to weaken, things just hit the floor. I emailed Julep letting them know that a glass bottled lip gloss doesn’t go well with a girl like me. I always manage to drop it, the bottle breaks at the neck, and my new shinny gloss is now BFFs with the trash. It isn’t Juleps fault that my grip sucks, yet they still offered to send me a replacement gloss. That replacement was mailed out today, Like I said Julep is hands down an amazing company.

Breathable nail color—Color Treat in “Julep”: Julep signature crème
—————> The description doesn’t tell you much, it is a purple hue.

Breathable nail color—Color Treat in Shay: Celadon iridescent chrome

Julep never disappoints, especially since the My Maven feature lets you totally customize your entire box. If you do not like a product or a polish color you can simply swap it out for something that you love. Don’t worry the swapping is so easy a toddler could do it. The hardest part is choosing which products you want to go in your monthly box.

To get a box of your very own visit wwww.julep.com for more information.

After your Welcome Box, the contents of your monthly Maven Box depend on the program you signed up for. Each My Maven Box includes over $40 worth of new beauty innovations and/or limited-run nail colors. We create at least five new boxes every month—one for each Style Profile, plus monthly exclusives. If you have a fully customizable subscription, you can personalize your box by picking exactly what you want.

***I was no compensated for my post. Opinions are my own***

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