{Target Beauty Box} vacay VIBES

January 2016
Must-haves. Can’t-live withouts. Obsessions. As purveyors of all-things beauty, we at Target Style like to keep a lookout for what’s new and now. In this box, you’ll find a few of our favorites-just in time for spring break. Test ’em out and tell us what you think. And if you love them as much as we do, find the full-sized versions at Target.

Spring Break? Man I AJ have not been on or had a spring break in hell over ten years. I just dated myself, yes I have been out of college for almost 10 years now. It will be 10 years in May since I collected my B.S. degree and rode off into the sunset like the lone ranger. A lot of life has happened in those 10 magical years. I have worked many jobs and now I am happy to say I have landed my career, who knew a girl with a B.S. in legal studies would end up as a Quality Assurance Analyst?! I don’t have time for vacations, instead I settle for weekend getaways, in which my goal for 2016 is to take more of them. I need more weekend road trips in my life!


Enough about me and my career, lets get back to this here box. I personally stalk target.com and constantly plop “beauty box” into the search bar and I get way to excited when I see that a new one is forming. They will list the products as a hint or spoiler before the actual box goes live. I stalk the shit out of the site and when it goes live I buy one and then run to facebook and tell all of my girlfriends to go get one. I literally have a list in my phone of people that I need to alert when a new box comes out, a girl looks out for her girlfriends. The list is constantly growing and I am glad that it is, because who doesn’t love to get a little box of pampering in the mail.

March 2016- vacay VIBES


Hair Food Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner: Uniquely infused with honey and apricot fragrance, this paraben and mineral oil-free duo gives hair a moisture-rich treat.

Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea salt Spray: infused with natural Dead Sea salt & sea kelp this salon formula it adds sexy, windswept & tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Color: the long-wear, chip-resistant formula gives nails a professional finish and comes in endless vibrant colors.
—————————> I received Lie-lac, a vibrant lilac hue perfect for spring.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: lightweight ionized mineral water hydrates and restores skin overnight and has a subtle, calming scent.

Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 30 Lotion: broad-spectrum UVA- and UVB-protection stays on through sun, water, wind, sweat, sand, and more.

Nugg Deep Hydrating Facial Mask Treatment: 94% natural face mask features a blend of extracts and oils that intensely hydrates and softens dry skin.
——————————-> I received the Nugg Deep Cleansing Face Mask with cucumber extract & jojoba oil. Key ingredients include Witch Hazel extract and Cucumber extract which act as astringents to reduce the appearance of pore size, Jojoba Lite Oil to help dissolve sebum in a gentle, healthy way and Aloe Juice and Glycerin to hydrate and soothe skin. This mask left my skin feeling soft smooth, and a little tighter. I will definitely be picking up more of these from my local Target store.

you are AMAZING Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion: moisturizing body lotion keeps skin hydrated all day long with a bright, citrusy scent.
———————>This lotion screams SUMMER!!!! Only thing is its March and mother nature has been known to drop a load or two on us in March/April. Sometimes Mother Nature will drop an extra load in May, ya know just to remind us that she is in control and that nothing we do will appease her. Minnesotans have a long road ahead of us before we see the lovely signs of summer.

Caress Adore Forever Body Wash: fragrance-release pearls give a burst of purfume each time you touch your skin.
—————–>I have received this body wash in a few other boxes and I am perplexed. The scent it wears off as soon as my ass is toweled off and when I touch my skin I don’t smell anything. Maybe you become immune to it or something, all I know is those magical pearls are not doing there jobs.

As always the folks over at Target put together an amazing box for an amazing price. It has become apparent that the box is now monthly, they just need to go ahead and start a subscription service and put the free-for all fight to bed. Then again stalking the site and pouncing as soon as that bad boy goes live is part of the thrill. I take my thrills where I can get them!

The Target Beauty Box is not a subscription service, they are first come first served, if they are sold out then you my friends are out of luck. I just checked target.com and the March box is OUT OF STOCK. For $7 this box is a great deal, that is if you can get your hands on one, they always sellout like hotcakes. So don’t sit on the beauty fence when you see them, just throw it in your virtual cart and call it a day!

***I was no compensated for my post. Opinions are my own***

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